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Reflecting on my Year of 35

Yesterday I turned 36! We refer to birthdays as ‘Upgrades’ in our house (my awesome brother in law Menno’s idea) so it’s my 3.6 upgrade and I really love how that feels and sounds!
My year of 35 has been full of growth, change and lessons in letting go of old beliefs I had about myself, my life and my relationships and in turn embracing a new way of life and being blessed with new friendships and connections with like minded souls.

2016 was our first full year of living at our new property ‘Mayberry‘ in the Macedon Ranges, which we are setting up as a permaculture/eco property. So, much of the past year has been about reconnecting to Mother Nature and I realise now that it is perhaps the first time I have properly felt connected to her.


My word for 2016 was ‘Shine’ and to embrace that vibration I made the decision last year to finally stop hiding and dulling my light in order to remain invisible. It was time for me to embrace who I really am; an empath, a star seed, a soulful mama, a light worker, a joyful creative being. It was time to finally give myself the Love I had been wanting others to give me.

A big part of that emerging journey coincided with Anna completing her reiki mastership in March 2016 and us launching Love Is Your Compass together in May. It was such an amazing feeling to birth and share the Pathfinder Wolves and their soul medicine with the world and then the Winged Horses and their divine feminine magic!


Another pivotal shift for me in my year of 35 was doing the 40 Day (online) ‘Reconnect’ program with Amy Taylor-Kabaaz of Happy Mama. Doing the course helped me unlock and shift my perception of myself as a mama, gently peeling away layers of guilt and shame that I had unconsciously been carrying around with me and gave me the tools I needed to fully embrace myself and my motherhood journey. As a result, I now embrace daily self care rituals that support me and fill up my cup even when challenges arise.

I also embarked on my Reiki journey in September with the wonderful Sara Brooke and I could feel myself becoming more aware of energy and what needed to be released. I’m looking forward to Reiki 2 in April and continuing my journey as I know that this will help me go further into letting go of all which no longer serves me.

It seems very fitting then that I am ending this year of 35 doing a beautiful 6 week ‘Empowered Motherhood’ journey with the gorgeous Kylie of Be_Your_Radiant_Self and it has reinforced the importance of compassion nurturing and self care (relevant to everyone) but particularly mamas. Finding that balance is always a work in progress for me but I truly understand that if I don’t give to myself first I cannot be the mother I know I am. Both Kylie and Amy have shown me that self care rituals don’t have to be complicated or time consuming. Most of mine take 5 mins or less!

My word for the year is ‘Soar’ (like an eagle) and I realise that in order to soar you have to let go of what is weighing you down……I think this year will be an amazing year of letting go of more of that which no longer serves me.

Anna and I are excited to embrace all that 2017 brings and have been busy working on an amazing sacred tool that we know will help support so many people. We cannot wait to show you. It has been a year in the making and it is an offering from our hearts and souls.

Big love

LJ xx


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