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Soul food with Adele from Vegiehead 

Anna: I woke up this morning and made homemade muesli for myself and what’s more, I thoroughly enjoyed the process! Anyone that knows me knows that isn’t something I’d normally do and yet here I found myself making this nutritious food for myself and it put a spring in my step, so what has happened!?!?

LJ: Earlier this week, as a birthday gift to myself, we had an amazing three hours with the gorgeous soul that is Vegiehead Adele. Not only is Adele an accomplished cook, teacher and business woman but she’s also incredibly intuitive, warm, humble and inspiring. For us, the kitchen and pantry overhaul‘ experience was not only about learning to cook nutritious plant based meals but a much deeper internal shift.

The process: Adele literally just opened the pantry, asked us what we usually eat or if there was anything that we hadn’t used or knew what to do with (hello cans of organic Adzuki beans sitting there forever and random bag of dry cannellini beans) and showed us step by step how to whip these into 5 amazing family friendly dishes using what we already had in the pantry. It was phenomenal!


The dishes were all surprisingly easy to make, inexpensive ingredients-wise, simple to make in bulk and of course utterly delicious. What really struck us though, was a strong sense that Adele had re-introduced us to the simple pleasure of BEing in the kitchen, she’d helped us reclaim something we’d lost or perhaps never even experienced before.

Adele made the kitchen feel like the hub of our home (which is what I’ve always wanted), with wonderful conversation, delicious aromas wafting through the air, exciting sounds of pots bubbling away and so much fun and laughter. We feel that that’s perhaps the true spirit of cooking; nourishment for our hearts and souls as well as our bodies!


Adele reminded us of what it feels like to be nourished, to feel connected to the process of nurturing ourselves and our families through cooking in a way that empowered, excited and inspired us. She de-mystified and showed us that the kitchen is a place to create, enjoy, laugh and have fun.

Thank you Adele, for re-igniting the fire in our kitchen hearth. 💙

LJ & Anna xx


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