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The Nature of Self-Belief

The Oxford English dictionary defines “belief or believing” as: “Acceptance/accepting that (something) is true, especially without proof. ” It’s this last bit that we find the most fascinating because it explicitly says that *proof* on which so much of our society and lives is structured ISN’T part of the deal. All that is actually required is a sense of TRUST that something is true.

So many people refuse to believe in anything or anyone without proof, perhaps at times that is prudent, but it also keeps what is legitimately allowed in the realms of what is considered real/true limited because lets face it, as human beings our understanding is limited; we don’t even fully comprehend how our own brains or our own consciousness works!

What we’re really getting at is that perhaps proof is over-rated and maybe TRUST is what we might do better to focus on. In our own experience, trust comes from a deep sense of being connected to our inner world and essence, because this cultivates a deep knowingness which, although intangible and difficult to articulate, can be a stronger compass by which to steer your life than any other.

Self-belief is really about trusting yourself without needing any sort of external proof or validation because you KNOW, deep in your own being, that you are unique, beautiful talented and loved. The thing we always marvel at is that none of us need any other qualifications to be all these things “unique, beautiful, talented and loved”, we simply ARE because we exist.

Food for thought


Big love

Anna + LJ xx



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