Welcome to Love is Your Compass.

We are Anna & LJ, sisters + best friends + lightworkers + twin flame souls.

Love is Your Compass is about heart centred living; this is our core ethos. To us this means bringing the focus back to what is truly important and that is our inner world, because our inner world creates our individual realities.

This is our online home where we write about and share what we have learnt (and are still learning) on our personal journeys including:

☆ Soul medicine tools we have created to support ourselves that we feel will help others:



The Pathfinder Wolves – wearable wolf talisman made from crystals which each resonate with specific soul medicine and carry a channeled soul medicine message to work with.

The Winged Horses – wearable horse talisman made from crystals which are messengers of unity and a reminder of our soul essence of pure love which can transform physical reality.

Attune – wearable crystal tools to support our bodies (physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual) to re-attune with our original harmonious vibrations.

Soul Medicine Print – Soul medicine print designed as a visual reminder around which you can create a simple daily ritual to help start each day from a heart centred place. The affirmation embodies all the elements that blend together to create a life that is heart centred, a bit like a recipe. Read more HERE

☆ Tools and products made by other beautiful souls that we feel really support and help us on this journey.

☆ Daily rituals to bring us back to our heart space.

☆ The joy of nurturing ourselves through growing food and by living sustainably.

☆ Ethical, handmade and mindful products we have discovered which we love.

We are passionate about living a life which resonates fully with our soul purposes and we are excited to share the journey with you!

Big Love

Anna & LJ xx


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