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The Nature of Self-Belief

The Oxford English dictionary defines “belief or believing” as: “Acceptance/accepting that (something) is true, especially without proof. ” It’s this last bit that we find the most fascinating because it explicitly says that *proof* on which so much of our society and lives is structured ISN’T part of the deal. All that is actually required is a sense of TRUST that something is true.

So many people refuse to believe in anything or anyone without proof, perhaps at times that is prudent, but it also keeps what is legitimately allowed in the realms of what is considered real/true limited because lets face it, as human beings our understanding is limited; we don’t even fully comprehend how our own brains or our own consciousness works!

What we’re really getting at is that perhaps proof is over-rated and maybe TRUST is what we might do better to focus on. In our own experience, trust comes from a deep sense of being connected to our inner world and essence, because this cultivates a deep knowingness which, although intangible and difficult to articulate, can be a stronger compass by which to steer your life than any other.

Self-belief is really about trusting yourself without needing any sort of external proof or validation because you KNOW, deep in your own being, that you are unique, beautiful talented and loved. The thing we always marvel at is that none of us need any other qualifications to be all these things “unique, beautiful, talented and loved”, we simply ARE because we exist.

Food for thought


Big love

Anna + LJ xx



Understanding is Power

Sometimes, the world revealed to us through the filter of main stream media can appear to be filled with nothing but tragedy, pain and heartache. Under persistent bombardment of these vibrations it can be easy to ask yourself “what’s the point?….what’s the point of even trying to change things when all the odds seem so hugely stacked against us?“. If you’ve felt or are feeling this way then you’re not alone and moments of despair and hopelessness are very much a part of the human condition, BUT if you find yourself feeling this way, it’s worth considering this: what is reported on main stream media is not a true reflection of all that is happening in our world. 

Knowledge is power and understanding how dramatic (particularly negative) events wield the power to ensnare our brains is something that we personally feel we should all be aware of. There’s a reason that tragedy and negative news sells papers, because to a large extent evolution has wired our brains to pay more attention to dramatic, often negative news than the alternative (that is unless we consciously and mindfully choose to pay attention to the positive stuff in equal measure to put the negative stuff in it’s proper context):

“Media studies show that bad news far outweighs good news by as much as seventeen negative news reports for every one good news report. Why? The answer may lie in the work of evolutionary psychologists and neuroscientists.  Humans seek out news of dramatic, negative events. These experts say that our brains evolved in a hunter-gatherer environment where anything novel or dramatic had to be attended to immediately for survival. So while we no longer defend ourselves against saber-toothed tigers, our brains have not caught up. Many studies have shown that we care more about the threat of bad things than we do about the prospect of good things. Our negative brain tripwires are far more sensitive than our positive triggers. We tend to get more fearful than happy. And each time we experience fear we turn on our stress hormones. ~ Psychology Today”


Selenite~ this vibration supports us to draw light into our physical beings helping to shift negativity in all forms leaving a sense of clarity and true perception unclouded by dense energies such as fear and hate.

In of itself, there is nothing terrible about keeping yourself informed about what is going on in the world, unless of course the manner in which you are being informed is totally unbalanced. If you feed yourself a steady diet of constant tragedy, crime, terrorism, murder, death, devastation, then the end result is generally one emotion = FEAR.

“T­he process of creating fear begins with a scary stimulus and ends with the fight-or-flight response.”

Fear stimulates the portion of our brains which control the ancient survival reaction called the fight-or-flight response. Fear interrupts the processes in our brains which help us regulate our emotions and take time to reflect before acting so we can make ethical decisions. Essentially, fear negatively short circuits our brains affecting our ability to make decisions, leaving us susceptible to intense emotions and impulsive reactions.

“When people are terrorised, the smartest parts of our brain tend to shut down. The neural networks in the brain that are involved in rational, abstract cognition— essentially, the systems that mediate our most humane and creative thoughts— are very sensitive to emotional states, especially fear, so problem solving becomes more categorical, concrete and emotional [and] we become more vulnerable to reactive and short-sighted solutions.” ~ Dr. Bruce Perry, Senior Fellow of the Child Trauma Academy.”


Apophyllite ~ this vibration supports us to hold strong hope + trust for the future by shifting old patterns of belief which no longer serve us. It’s vibration also soothes stress, anxiety and tension because it connects us powerfully with our spiritual support team bringing a sense of knowingness that we’re never alone.

We feel it’s important and empowering to understand this fear mechanism because like the old adage “information is power” we believe that “understanding is power”. Through understanding what fear triggers in us, we have more of a chance of dismantling this process of devolving into fear-driven, illogical,  short-sighted decision-making beings.

Honestly, if every one of us could recognise and somehow dismantle this process within ourselves, then the world could change tomorrow and that’s the huge importance of this inner work, it’s the core of everything! Every time we take the time to understand how our behaviour as beings, is driven by external stimuli, we take a step closer to awakening to our true nature as luminous embodiments of Source energy walking around in these human vehicles. And that’s really important because the more of us that AWAKEN, the more ripples we create which radiate out to touch the lives of others in ways we can never fathom.

“Change in the world comes from individuals, from the inner peace in individual hearts. Just as ripples spread out when a single pebble is dropped into water, the actions of individuals can have far-reaching effects. ~ Dalai Lama”

Big love

Anna + LJ xx

Soul food with Adele from Vegiehead 

Anna: I woke up this morning and made homemade muesli for myself and what’s more, I thoroughly enjoyed the process! Anyone that knows me knows that isn’t something I’d normally do and yet here I found myself making this nutritious food for myself and it put a spring in my step, so what has happened!?!?

LJ: Earlier this week, as a birthday gift to myself, we had an amazing three hours with the gorgeous soul that is Vegiehead Adele. Not only is Adele an accomplished cook, teacher and business woman but she’s also incredibly intuitive, warm, humble and inspiring. For us, the kitchen and pantry overhaul‘ experience was not only about learning to cook nutritious plant based meals but a much deeper internal shift.

The process: Adele literally just opened the pantry, asked us what we usually eat or if there was anything that we hadn’t used or knew what to do with (hello cans of organic Adzuki beans sitting there forever and random bag of dry cannellini beans) and showed us step by step how to whip these into 5 amazing family friendly dishes using what we already had in the pantry. It was phenomenal!


The dishes were all surprisingly easy to make, inexpensive ingredients-wise, simple to make in bulk and of course utterly delicious. What really struck us though, was a strong sense that Adele had re-introduced us to the simple pleasure of BEing in the kitchen, she’d helped us reclaim something we’d lost or perhaps never even experienced before.

Adele made the kitchen feel like the hub of our home (which is what I’ve always wanted), with wonderful conversation, delicious aromas wafting through the air, exciting sounds of pots bubbling away and so much fun and laughter. We feel that that’s perhaps the true spirit of cooking; nourishment for our hearts and souls as well as our bodies!


Adele reminded us of what it feels like to be nourished, to feel connected to the process of nurturing ourselves and our families through cooking in a way that empowered, excited and inspired us. She de-mystified and showed us that the kitchen is a place to create, enjoy, laugh and have fun.

Thank you Adele, for re-igniting the fire in our kitchen hearth. 💙

LJ & Anna xx

Reflecting on my Year of 35

Yesterday I turned 36! We refer to birthdays as ‘Upgrades’ in our house (my awesome brother in law Menno’s idea) so it’s my 3.6 upgrade and I really love how that feels and sounds!
My year of 35 has been full of growth, change and lessons in letting go of old beliefs I had about myself, my life and my relationships and in turn embracing a new way of life and being blessed with new friendships and connections with like minded souls.

2016 was our first full year of living at our new property ‘Mayberry‘ in the Macedon Ranges, which we are setting up as a permaculture/eco property. So, much of the past year has been about reconnecting to Mother Nature and I realise now that it is perhaps the first time I have properly felt connected to her.


My word for 2016 was ‘Shine’ and to embrace that vibration I made the decision last year to finally stop hiding and dulling my light in order to remain invisible. It was time for me to embrace who I really am; an empath, a star seed, a soulful mama, a light worker, a joyful creative being. It was time to finally give myself the Love I had been wanting others to give me.

A big part of that emerging journey coincided with Anna completing her reiki mastership in March 2016 and us launching Love Is Your Compass together in May. It was such an amazing feeling to birth and share the Pathfinder Wolves and their soul medicine with the world and then the Winged Horses and their divine feminine magic!


Another pivotal shift for me in my year of 35 was doing the 40 Day (online) ‘Reconnect’ program with Amy Taylor-Kabaaz of Happy Mama. Doing the course helped me unlock and shift my perception of myself as a mama, gently peeling away layers of guilt and shame that I had unconsciously been carrying around with me and gave me the tools I needed to fully embrace myself and my motherhood journey. As a result, I now embrace daily self care rituals that support me and fill up my cup even when challenges arise.

I also embarked on my Reiki journey in September with the wonderful Sara Brooke and I could feel myself becoming more aware of energy and what needed to be released. I’m looking forward to Reiki 2 in April and continuing my journey as I know that this will help me go further into letting go of all which no longer serves me.

It seems very fitting then that I am ending this year of 35 doing a beautiful 6 week ‘Empowered Motherhood’ journey with the gorgeous Kylie of Be_Your_Radiant_Self and it has reinforced the importance of compassion nurturing and self care (relevant to everyone) but particularly mamas. Finding that balance is always a work in progress for me but I truly understand that if I don’t give to myself first I cannot be the mother I know I am. Both Kylie and Amy have shown me that self care rituals don’t have to be complicated or time consuming. Most of mine take 5 mins or less!

My word for the year is ‘Soar’ (like an eagle) and I realise that in order to soar you have to let go of what is weighing you down……I think this year will be an amazing year of letting go of more of that which no longer serves me.

Anna and I are excited to embrace all that 2017 brings and have been busy working on an amazing sacred tool that we know will help support so many people. We cannot wait to show you. It has been a year in the making and it is an offering from our hearts and souls.

Big love

LJ xx

When you heal, we all feel it!

Are you finding that your usual ‘go to’ list of self care/self soothing things just isn’t cutting it? Perhaps you’re experiencing health issues (either new or old) bubbling up or childhood wounds and issues from the past are being triggered? If you’ve been experiencing some pretty dense heavy energy of late or any/all of the above, then please know that you aren’t alone!

There are a couple of things that we have been feeling into that have been working in tandem creating a sort of *double whammy* energy effect on many of us.

Firstly, the dense energy that many of us are feeling is the fear, uncertainty, hatred and negativity which has been dislodged from the riverbed of the collective consciousness and is now floating on the surface in full glaring view. This dredge (that was conveniently settled on the bottom of the riverbed out of view for many years before) has risen to the surface in every area of human life and, as a result, can no longer be ignored which, despite being a good thing in our view because we cannot address issues we cannot see, is nevertheless distressing and uncomfortable to sit with.

Secondly, our guides gave us a heads up at the end of 2016 letting us know that

“the option to avoid looking at our core issues/shadow is no longer on the table in 2017”

This means that we are all being nudged (quite strongly) to do the shadow work and to support us to walk this path, any techniques we have been using to avoid looking at these aspects of ourselves are no longer as effective if at all!

Pretty big stuff, but we believe that letting go of all that no longer serves us for our highest good is what an up-shift in planetary vibration entails.

What can we do to support ourselves?

UNPLUG + GO BACK TO BASICS: In the midst of this dense energy and the push to do the shadow work, we have been reminding ourselves that we can unplug from the collective consciousness to gain some distance and wider (higher) perspective.

What we mean by unplugging and going back to basics is to refocus our energies on presence (being present in the moment), love (self-love), compassion, kindness, gratitude and forgiveness and allow these energies to flow through us back into the collective rather than allowing the fear and negativity already rife within the collective to influence us into feeding it more of the same!


Here’s a couple of things to keep in mind:

It’s all a MIRROR:

All the negativity, fear and hatred *out there* is a reflection of the negativity, fear and hatred in all of our *in heres*, and if it’s a reflection of our inner world’s then WE HAVE THE POWER TO CHANGE IT. We must ignore those that would tell us we are powerless and work on embracing these emotions within ourselves with unconditional love, forgiveness and no judgment. By healing our own inner wounds/shadow/darkness the effect is felt by the entire collective because this is the nature of our interconnectedness.

Only LOVE can transmute HATE:

We humans often try to fight hate with more hate and fear with more fear, feeding the cycle and allowing the fear to gorge on more fear which then triggers within us more fear and so it continues, even though it isn’t what we actually desire. These habitual reactions stem from the perspective that these negative emotions are threats, so we react to them with hostility when in truth, the ONLY thing that can truly transmute them is their opposite energies of love, compassion, forgiveness etc.


The first step to breaking the cycle of feeding the beast within (and therefore without) is to identify what emotion is surfacing within us and then embrace a practice which helps us to see that emotion from a different perspective so we don’t push it away with some other negative emotion but rather give it the loving presence and space it needs to be transmuted.

We’ve been working with the following practice to help us see these negative energies within ourselves in a different light so we might respond to them differently. When we feel a strong negative emotion: fear, judgment, hate, anger, rage (we all feel these things)…we imagine that the emotion is a person. Let’s use *Fear* as an example.

Fear is standing at our door, scared, shaking, small and jumpy. Fear can’t look us in the eye because fear is so afraid. Think about how we will treat this poor person called fear. Will we shout at them, shun them, leave them out alone in the cold or will we invite them in, show them compassion and kindness until they are no longer fearful?

What about hate? Hate is standing at our door, hate is totally bereft of love and this abandonment and isolation has made hate hardened, closed and defensive. Do we meet hate’s defensive stance with an equally defensive one, will this make hate less hateful? What if we meet hate with something unexpected like an open heart and a warm welcome?

For most of us the answer will be the latter in both these cases, because we can recognise the need for love, comfort, acceptance and reassurance when faced with a fellow human being in distress. Why then should our reaction to these emotions be any different simply because they arise within the person that is us?

We’ll leave you with this beautiful poem which really gets to the core of what the above exercise embraces:


Big love

Anna & LJ xx