Creating a personal altar space


*Honour thyself* is probably the practice that the majority of us struggle with or have struggled with the most, because we often perceive putting ourselves first as being synonymous with a sort of selfishness and loving/worshiping ourselves has connotations of egocentricity and/or arrogance.

We’ve all heard someone say something like, “Oh, I don’t like so and so because they loves themselves”. Of course honouring yourself and having an over-inflated sense of self-importance are two entirely different things, but, for many of us, by societal conditioning, the meaning we attach to one has seeped into the other.

The irony is, that if we aren’t putting ourselves first at least some part of our day (each and every day), then, albeit little by little, feelings of anger and resentment start to arise, at which point we either turn those feelings inwards (often leading to physical illness or disease) or they mount up and explode outwards (making for disharmony with others). Either way we find ourselves in a less than happy situation.

It’s for this very reason that we both created personal altar spaces which are unapologetic-ally, purely, utterly and totally JUST ABOUT US (not the kids, the husbands, the job, the family etc etc).


The word *altar* may conjure up images of some sort of magnificent structure, but all we really mean is:

"a *space* that is reserved just for you."

It might even be a space on a bookshelf, a floating shadow box shelf, your bedside table, really any space where you can take a quiet moment to check in with yourself daily and tune-in to what you feel/need/want and how you can support yourself.

Anna has two personal altar spaces: one is a beautiful teak carved table (my main altar) and the other is a shelf in my IKEA billy bookcase corner shelving unit next to my desk. The juxtaposition of these two spaces hopefully demonstrates that a personal altar space really doesn’t have any set size requirements.


It is time for me to worship myself

Whenever we light our Goddess candles, it’s a gentle reminder that it’s ok, absolutely healthy and in fact totally necessary to honour ourselves every day.

Similarly standing in front of different flower essence sprays, crystals or oracle cards and asking “what support do I need today?” and then seeing what you are drawn to is a nice, quick ritual we both do variations of daily.

These rituals take mere moments but can really change the entire feel and flow of your day!

We believe everyone deserves a personal altar space to honour themselves daily!

Big love

Anna & LJ xx