Creator Beings

Definition –

“Human being: A man, woman, or child of the species Homo sapiens, distinguished from other animals by superior mental development, power of articulate speech, and upright stance.”

We’ve always found this definition so very narrow, we believe that we are SO much more than this. We (all of us), as beings, are vast beyond measure; intimately connected through our consciousness (which we feel resides in the heart space) to the all that is. We are in fact Creator beings.

In his book “Permanent Peace” Robert M. Oates discusses the Vedic (the Vedas, the oldest scriptures of Hinduism) understanding of consciousness which really resonates with us as a fundamental truth which science is just starting to understand:

“There exists one basic field of existence — not many different fields of nature but one unified field that is infinite, timeless, and transcendental — a field which underlies and supports all other fields, all the mechanics of nature’s functioning. As the same ocean gives rise to all waves, so the same unbounded, omnipresent field is said to give rise to all the laws of nature that structure our universe.

Human beings bond with this unified field through a fourth major state of consciousness completely different from the common three states of waking, sleeping, and dreaming. As a farmer can drop a well to an underground reservoir, so the human mind can settle down deep within its own nature and directly experience the unified field. ~ Permanent Peace by Robert M. Oates

It’s always pretty amazing for us when a new channeled message lands and this one came through just before the clocks ticked over to 2017. We take that as a sign that it’s soul medicine that many are more and more ready to work with so it is carried by 5 of our pathfinder wolves:

“Tei” – 帝 – Creator:

“You are a magnificent Creator being blessed with the innate ability to create all that your consciousness can conceive.

Allow only that which is helpful, supportive and for your highest good, in to the realms of your inner world, for it is the vast inner landscape of your consciousness which forms the foundation of your reality, not the other way around.

Nurture your consciousness with only that which you wish to bring forth in to reality!”

Anna & LJ xx