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Crystals: choosing what’s right for you

I’ve felt drawn to crystals, ever since I started working with them ten years ago designing and making jewellery. Back then, I knew nothing of their individual healing properties but found myself drawn to work with specific gemstones like crystal quartz and amethyst time and time again.

I didn’t realise it, but I was instinctively drawn to the crystals that would best support me with the issues I was struggling with at the time, namely feeling in need of energetic protection (having just quit my legal career) and feeling energetically drained, lacking in *joie de vivre* and vitality, all of which I now know amethyst and crystal quartz help with! So even back then, when I hadn’t a clue about anything, my crystal friends were already supporting and helping me in my life. I’ve learnt a lot more about them since those days and am now blessed with a rather lovely collection of crystal friends which I call on almost daily to balance and support me.

Top left to right: Celestite and Herkimer Diamond, Ametrine, Aqua Aura, Peacock Ore, Amethyst and Larimar

I’ve been asked the question “how do I know what crystals to get?“, I’m no expert but personally, I don’t feel there are any hard and fast rules in choosing crystals. The method that has ALWAYS, without fail, worked for me is to let my heart and intuition decide! If I’m in a physical shop, I will move towards the crystals I feel drawn to; it might be as simple as I like the colour or the shape of a certain crystal. I will always pick it up and try to tune in to how it makes me feel; some will feel instantly *right* as soon as I touch them and others don’t.

Similarly, if I’m looking for crystals on-line, I will click on the images that I feel drawn to and try to tune in to how they make me feel (without reading about the healing properties the crystal in question is known to have). I do this by looking at the image, holding it in my mind’s eye and then closing my eyes and seeing whether any images or feelings arise. I am quite a visual person, so I tend to see images, symbols and sometimes even text whilst others may get feelings and emotions.

I personally believe that there is nothing more potent than one’s own internal guidance, which is why I recommend this method of finding your crystal friends. Whilst your gut instinct/intuition may not always accord with what your mind thinks it *wants*, it will often guide you to the crystals you actually *need*. Admittedly for someone with control freak tendencies like myself, this method of connecting with my crystal friends was hard to do at first, but if I’ve learnt nothing else it’s that one’s intuitive senses are often far wiser than one’s mind!


Constant companion: my labradorite ring!

Another question I’ve been asked is “what crystals wouldn’t you be without?“. This will inevitably be different for everyone, but these are my personal *must have* crystals:

  • Brandberg Amethyst: This is a stunning high vibration crystal from Namibia, Africa which is the only place on earth that this combination of Clear Quartz, Smoky Quartz and Amethyst occurs. My Brandberg crystal friend has a stunning smoky quartz phantom inside it. For me, this is the ultimate healing crystal because of its *ctrl, alt, delete* ability to reset one’s energies back to its essence, specifically its state before one’s soul journey began, which to me means essentially realigning it with Source.
  • Labradorite: This is a beautiful crystal with stunning *flash* which can be anything from blue and green to pink and purple! As the name suggests, it originates from Labrador in Canada. I wear a Labradorite ring whenever I leave my house for protection as it seals one’s auric field and screens from negative energies. I also find it helps if one has empathic abilities and easily tune in to other people’s energies.
  • Crystal Quartz: Although it’s the most common mineral found on Earth, I wouldn’t ever be without my quartz crystal friends. They are very good at transmitting energy (probably why they are used in electronics and computers!) so great to use for meditation. They also amplify whatever energy you carry with you, so I wear mine with my labradorite to amplify protection!
  • Black Tourmaline: I think of this heavy, dark crystal as the guard-man of the crystal world. It protects from negative energies so I use it to crystal grid my house to keep out energies which aren’t of unconditional love.

Once you’ve found your crystal friends, the next step is to learn how to use them and look after them , so I’ll talk about how I, personally, do that in my next blog post about this, as well as sharing some awesome crystal resources I’ve come across.

Big love

Anna x