Crystals: choosing what’s right for you

How do I know what Crystals to choose? 

There aren't any hard and fast rules in choosing crystals.

The method that has ALWAYS, without fail, worked for us is to let our hearts and intuition decide! 

We believe that there is nothing more potent than your own internal guidance, which is why we recommend this method of finding your crystal friends. Whilst your gut instinct/intuition may not always accord with what your mind thinks it *wants*, it will often guide you to the crystals you actually *need*.

Admittedly, this method of connecting with your crystal friends might feel hard at first, but if we've learnt nothing else, it’s that our intuitive senses are often far wiser than our minds!


Next time you are in a physical shop, move towards the crystals that you feel drawn to; it might be as simple as liking a colour or shape of a certain crystal or crystals. It is often the case that whilst our conscious minds might not "know" which crystals will support us, our higher intelligence does and will communicate this through a sometimes-inexplicable draw towards certain characteristics such as colour and/or shape of a specific crystal or crystals. For this reason, one crystal which may draw one person may not be right for another and that is completely fine.


You can also try picking a crystal up and holding it for a while whilst focusing on tuning in to how it makes you feel; some might feel instantly *right* as soon as you touch them and others may not feel quite right or you may not feel anything. This is also perfect because much like making new friends not every crystal is for every person and ultimately you are allowing your inner intelligence and intuition to guide you.


If you're looking for crystals on-line, click on the images that you feel drawn to and try to tune in to how they make you feel (without reading about the healing properties the crystal in question is known to have). Try looking at the image, holding it in your mind’s eye and then closing your eyes and seeing whether any images or feelings arise. If you are a visual person you may see images, symbols and sometimes even text whilst others may get feelings and emotions. Whatever you see, feel, sense is just perfect, the important thing is to honour what comes up for you.

 Let’s put it to the test!

Look at the following crystal images and jot down in a journal what images and/or feelings arise! After you’ve done this, you can compare what you’ve intuitively sensed from the crystal with the healing properties of the crystals suggested below. Please remember that the most important thing to do is to honour how YOU feel a specific crystal supports you, so the healing properties listed below are just suggestions, always go with your own gut instincts!

How did you go?

Rose Quartz: This vibration supports you to:

  • nurture ourselves and treat ourselves and others with compassion, kindness, gentleness and love.
  • re-attune to our heart's inherent vibration of pure love and unity allowing us to give and receive openly.
  • re-attune our heart chakra with the heart of Mother Earth and the Universe, nurturing our sense of unity and oneness with all that is.
  • open up our heart to the joy of living by healing our inner child and reminding us of the infinite source of unconditional love within ourselves.
  • bring renewed love into our life.

 Pyrite: This vibration supports us to:

  • shift our energies towards a positive vibration and embrace our innate potential, gifts and unleash our creativity.
  • re-attune to the creative flow and manifest what we desire from life.
  • strengthen our boundaries and assertiveness helping to galvanise our auric field against external energies and focus on our own.
  • stand in our power with confidence.

Amethyst: This vibration supports us to:

  • transmute old pain and grief helping us to re-attune with a sense of inner trust, calm and peace of mind.
  • galvanise our energy field creating strong boundaries from external influences.
  • align strongly with source and earth helping amplify our intuition.

Labradorite: This vibration supports us to:

  • strengthen the energy of our aura from within and bring out our best.
  • cultivate awareness of our inner spirit (higher self) and soul truth.
  • nurture strong boundaries to shield ourselves from negativity.
  • remember the inherent magic and power within us and nurture a sense of gratitude.

 Thanks for playing!

Big love

Anna+ LJ xx