Do you have to get sick before you Slow Down?

Gosh what a crazy few weeks we’ve had with myself managing to accidentally stab my wrist on the broken edge of a ceramic oil bottle (needing stitches) and all of us down with gastro and flu, it’s been challenging!

When I accidentally stabbed my wrist, I felt straight away that it was because I hadn’t been listening to my body. I was not present and absent-mindedly wiping down the tiles of the kitchen splash-back when I brought my wrist down on the sharp edge of the bottle. My mind was elsewhere, worrying, anxious and dreading an appointment I had the next day. I was concerning myself with the logistics of how I’d get there on time and how I didn’t really want to go. If I’m honest I should have cancelled that appointment and rearranged it in a way that felt right for me.

When my life is out of balance, my body ALWAYS lets me know. It will show me in subtle ways that I need to *Slow Down* or that I need to listen to my gut instincts and say no to something no matter who is telling me it is the right thing to do. I get tension headaches, which I’ve come to know as an early-warning sign that I need to check what’s going on in my life. The problems arise when I ignore these signs.

In our current society, it’s so very easy to continually push through fatigue and stress using any number of crutches (sugar, strong coffees, energy drinks) to keep oneself going, because our society is built on the premise that productivity comes above all else. Illness or injury then becomes the only *legitimate* way we get to take time out to recover and rejuvenate, but it shouldn’t have to be that way!

I know that for many people, slowing down doesn’t even feel like an option, because how on earth will everything that needs to be done get done if you take a break? It feels like taking time out to nurture and nourish yourself is a luxury you cannot afford and will equal disaster and besides, if there was any time which could be down time you’d already be taking it right? The reality is though that none of us can continuously push our bodies, minds and souls forever without there being some sort of consequences.

My wrist injury was a big wake up call, it left me unable to do the most basic things for myself and it hit home as a clear sign I need to take stock in terms of being present in my life, tuning into what my body is telling me better and changing the way I do things!

Anna x