Expansion Beyond Emotions

The process of creating something is such a gift, it makes you so very present in the here and now and when you’re present in the now there’s no room for worry or anxiety! The fact that we get to create with gemstones is an extra bonus and we often get lost in the mesmerising colours and crystal energies whilst creating the Pathfinder Wolves. This one pictured below had us both entranced for a good few minutes (Chrysocolla is so divine)!

For LJ & I, the Pathfinder wolves have come to be like people, each have their own distinct energy and as they emerge as finished wearable sacred tools, we always wonder what they will reveal, what medicine and magic they will share with us and the world.


Like people, some of the wolves are eager to reveal their message whilst others are more reserved and take their time. This particular wolf (pictured) revealed he was called *Kai* (海~Ocean) but then went quiet so we didn’t get his message until later that day.


As we sat down with a much needed cup of tea,  Kai’s medicine suddenly landed in my head out of nowhere, that is how it seems to happen for both of us. I got my notepad out and wrote down his message:

“I am the ocean wolf, an elemental messenger.

My presence with you is a symbolic reminder that, like my namesake, stormy or calm, sad or bursting with happiness, all emotions are a transient state of being, playing out on the constant canvas that is you, the ocean.

I support you to be kind to yourself as you allow all emotions to unfold within your depths and then be released to be carried away on the tide so that you may continue to flow.”

We both felt quite emotional as we read his medicine out loud, because it’s a message we feel many of us need reminding of, particularly now when emotions are running high with everything going on in our shared reality.

Thank you Kai for reminding us that, we aren’t the pain or the sadness or the anger, these are just emotions playing out on the canvas of consciousness that is us. We are the constant, ever-present ocean which allows for the waves to play and for the storms to rage on our surface whilst we remain attached to neither.

Big love

Anna & LJ xx