Part 1: The Creation Diamond Journey - Energy + Intention

You know those days when you wake up in the morning and feel like you've got so much to do before you even leave the house? So you get straight into it all, which seems totally logical, but then you're morning leaves you feeling like you've been running around like crazy before you've even left the house?

That used to be how we started our days, on autopilot for the day ahead. In amongst all the rushing around we hadn't even taken a single moment to tune in to how we’re feeling on the inside let alone asked ourselves what we needed to support us.

It's a really easy pattern to fall into because we all have a morning ritual but more often than not it's focused on all the things we need to *DO* and we don't even think about tuning in to how we feel and our inner world where the real and juicy stuff is happening. 

That's why we created The Creation Diamond®, because we both love jewellery (who doesn't) and crystal energy and we wanted a simple ritual that didn't take a lot of time, but would give us the prompt to tune-in for a moment and set a conscious intention for the day and then use crystal energy to support that intention.

The power of Intention + Energy

Science is starting to show us the connection between directed human intention/consciousness and how the Universe responds to our thoughts, emotions + intentions, yet it's so easy to forget that we have this amazing gift within us. This is why having a daily ritual that supports you to tune in to your inner world is really worthwhile and powerful!

So, this is a simple Daily Ritual you can use to tune in to your inner world. Ask yourself:

  • What do I want to consciously create today?
  • What energy do I want to shine in my life right now?

Now, intuitively select the crystal that you feel will support you (you don't need to know anything about crystals or their properties to do this, just trust yourself) and put it inside The Creation Diamond pendant.

By placing the crystal into the pendant, which symbolises your Diamond Light Body, you're placing the energy + intention of the crystal you've chosen in to your energy field and asking your energy to synchronise with it! 

Choosing your crystal is also a mini meditation because you're:

  • Tuning into your inner world.
  • Trusting your intuition as to what will best support you right now.
  • Setting the conscious intention for your energy to match the vibration of your chosen crystal.

A simple but powerful way to harness the power of your intention and support it with crystal energy every day.

Join us for Part 2 of The Creation Diamond® journey where we'll share more about the Design + Symbolism.

You can purchase a Creation Diamond for yourself HERE

Big love

Anna + LJ xx