Part 3: The Creation Diamond Journey® - Diamond Light Energy

Do you ever notice the same signs and symbols around you over and over that pop up in unexpected places until you stop in your tracks and pay attention? That's what happened for us as we were birthing The Creation Diamond®.

I'd (Anna) seen a big old diamond shape during a particular *Creation* meditation (created by my reiki master) during my reiki mastership training. During the meditation I was clearly show that my connection to Source is diamond-shaped, it was stunning.

LJ had also had diamonds popping up and she'd subconsciously surrounded herself with items with diamond patterns on them! When LJ did Sara of The Space In Between's Creation workshop she also saw her higher self as a diamond!

We started chatting about what these signs might mean. It felt like we were being nudged to embrace the power of our consciousness in a more meaningful way, a way which would make an immediate difference to our daily lives. The diamonds reminding us that we are literally held above and below in this divine energy diamond.

That break through of understanding about the diamonds suddenly clicked with this ongoing issue of crystals falling out of our bras (which we talked about in our last blog post HERE). The moment that happened, it was like the two things melded together in to a perfect design. It felt like we'd been on a treasure hunt, finding and following the clues until we found the treasure at the end: The Creation Diamond®. We were definitely guided!

What the Diamond shape symbolises 
Did you know that the diamond shape is the geometric symbol for “Creation” the Universal womb from which everything springs forth? The diamond shape is also made up of two triangles which are symbols for the building blocks of all matter in variations of the four elements of Earth, Fire, Air + Water. Isn't that amazing! 

Our Diamond Light Body
We all have a diamond-shaped energy field (our Diamond Light Body) which surrounds us, connecting us to Source and grounding us to Earth. This diamond-shaped energy field supports us to bridge Heaven + Earth with us sitting in the centre receiving and transmitting energy from and to Source. 

We are Creator beings
This diamond light energy is supporting us to embrace the highest expression of what it means to be embodied Source energy e.g. a spark of universal consciousness having a human experience. We're being supported to remember that our essence (true self) is divine, so that we can reveal and embrace our soul gifts and innate power as beings that can CREATE with our emotions, thoughts + intentions. 

This quote really sums it up for us:

The stream of knowledge is heading towards a non-mechanical reality; the Universe begins to look more like a great thought than like a great machine. Mind no longer appears to be an accidental intruder into the realm of matter... we ought rather hail it as the creator and governor of the realm of matter.
— James Jeans, The Mysterious Universe

Join us for Part 4 of The Creation Diamond® Journey where we talk about The Making Of this sacred tool.

You can purchase a Creation Diamond for yourself HERE.

Big love

Anna + LJ xx