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Pathfinder Wolf ~ Soul Medicine

Image: Original Wolf Goddess Artwork by Roberta Orpwood of Soul Bird Art (I am blessed to own this!)

Lately the soul medicine messages that the Pathfinder wolves have been delivering are weaving a theme which paint a broader picture of what the wolves are talking about as a group. I’ve brought these messages together here in this post within my own framework of understanding of how these relate to what is happening in our collective consciousness at this time. It is my intention that this will offer a sense of comfort and renewed trust for some who are feeling confused and disorientated at present.

What’s happening at the moment

We are all being called to step-up and into our personal power as sovereign beings so that we can all play our part in building the future for our collective consciousness. This is happening because the structures that delineate our society are starting to shift and some are slowly falling away, leaving a sort of *pause for breath* where many of us are (or have already) realised that the power has lain with us all along.

This return of power (or perhaps more aptly put, awakening from the illusion that power lies with some central body) is manifesting for many of us as challenges to our personal power, where we find ourselves in situations where we have to stand firmly in our integrity, stand by our soul truth and maintain solid boundaries. Consequently, many of us may be experiencing feelings of discomfort and distress at this sense of being pushed in to view to be counted and also being propelled forward (because there is no longer a choice to go backwards).

If you are experiencing this, please know that you aren’t alone and that this is a period of cleansing, healing and balancing towards unity.

Specific Pathfinder Wolf messages that relate to this:

pathfinderwolvesContinual Expansion towards oneness – being propelled forward

“You” – 鰩 – Nautilus
I am the wolf of the Nautilus, a nature messenger of sacred geometry; the building blocks of the Universe. My presence with you is a symbolic reminder to embrace your chosen soul journey of balance, beauty, continual growth and unfolding.

Like my namesake, I encourage you to flow with this outward expansion, for although at times the space you are in may seem comfortable, your spirit is innately inspired to soar and expand into your most luminous self , where you and the Universe become as one.

NB: The Nautilus is considered a living fossil because it has hardly changed over the past 500 million years such is the perfection of its design. As the Nautilus grows it moves into a new compartment in its beautiful shell, sealing off the compartment behind it, thus it can only expand and move forwards and in the process creates one of the most beautiful spirals in nature.


A Loving Heart with Solid Boundaries

“Bara” – 薔薇 – Rose
I am the wolf of the rose, a nature messenger of divine wisdom. My presence with you is a symbolic reminder that equilibrium and balance are an intrinsic part of a healthy, happy life.

I support you to know that, like my namesake, great tenderness, a loving heart and beauty of spirit can co-exist with strong, solid boundaries. You are beloved and your rare beauty is deserving of as much love and respect as you give others.


Balancing towards Unity

“Gou” – 合 – Union
I am the wolf of divine Union a messenger of spirit. I walk with you as a symbolic reminder that you are being supported to fully embrace both feminine (yin) and masculine (yang) energies within you, to balance and bring them into union.

I support you to know that these energies are not separate but two sides of the same coin. I encourage you to trust that, through their union you have the ability to unlock your fullest potential, for this union is the gateway to BEing; the true essence of your soul.


The Pathfinder Wolves have also been reminding us that sometimes cleansing, healing and balancing doesn’t unfold in the manner in which we expect and can present in the form of events that feel quite upsetting or distressing.

In these challenging moments, the soul medicine messages remind us of our ability to come back to our heart space and access the well of eternal unconditional love and support that is available there. The messages also encourage us to focus on being fully embodied and grounded as these changes unfold.

Specific Pathfinder Wolf messages that relate to this:

loveloveloveCleansing, Healing and Balancing takes unexpected forms

“Shibuki” – 繁吹 – Sea Spray
I am the wolf of the Sea Spray, a nature messenger of divine renewal. My presence with you is a symbolic reminder that, like my namesake, it is often through the crashing of life’s waves against the rocks, that the salty spray of cleansing, healing and balancing blows through your life.

I encourage you to embrace these winds of change and allow all that no longer serves you to be transmuted back to love. I support you to know that, although the journey may not unfold as you might foresee, you are supported and held through these times and all times by the unconditional love of divine Source.


Embrace you Inner Sanctuary

“Hato” -鴿 – Dove
I am the wolf of the Dove, a nature messenger of serenity and peace. My presence with you is a symbolic reminder that, you have the innate ability to cultivate a space at the centre of your being, that is the filled with tranquility, serenity, calm and a sense of peace, no matter what may be unfolding around you.

I support you to know that this is your heart centre, your connection to the eternal, ever-present love and support of the all that is. In challenging times, I encourage you to focus inwards, to come home to this place of peace within you.


Access your Connection to Source

“Ama” – 天 – Heavenly
I am the heavenly wolf, a messenger of divine spirit and love. I walk with you as a symbolic reminder that you are eternally connected to the divine and loved unconditionally.

I support you to know that, to return to your heart space, you need only place your hands over your higher heart, take a deep breath, exhale all that no longer serves you and allow the Universe to nurture you.


Embrace you Connection to Mother Earth

“Yama” – 山 – Mountain
I am the wolf of the mountain, a nature messenger of divine spirit. I walk with you as a symbolic reminder that, like my namesake, to reach for the heavens you must first have your feet firmly planted into the nurturing soils of the Great Mother.

I support you to know that through cultivating deep roots you become like the mountain, the meeting point between heaven and earth, marrying the physical and the spiritual, the feminine and the masculine, the divine and the earthly.

Hope this has been helpful.

Big love

Anna xx