Soul Medicine for Heart Centred Living

Heart Centred Living is about bringing the focus back to what is truly important and that is your inner world and your internal compass

One of the main challenges for us (and likely many others) in tuning-in to our inner world, is that it’s so easy for the daily *must do’s*  and *distractions* of life to dominate our minds and emotions and leave us in our head space rather than our heart space. Because of this, we wanted to create a soul medicine tool to use daily, which would help bring us back to our heart space, because we believe changing the world outside of ourselves begins with changing the world inside of ourselves.

The Soul Medicine for Heart Centred Living Affirmation:

We created a simple, yet powerful, affirmation around which we build a simple daily ritual to help us start each day from a heart centred place. The *Soul Medicine for Heart Centred Living* affirmation embodies all the elements that blend together to create a life that is heart centred, a bit like a recipe.

Here are the ingredients:

Self Love: We believe that unpleasant emotions are love distorted and can be healed by journeying back to loving ourselves. Self-love can often be synonymous with self-indulgent in our modern society, but being kind and loving to ourselves is the seed from which our love for others springs and is therefore crucially important. Giving to others without nurturing ourselves is a sure fire way to end up feeling resentful, hence the importance of self-love.

Gratitude: Deep appreciation for the love and joy currently in our lives is the truest way to invite in more. The Universe (Source) responds to our energetic vibration, so by being what it is we want more of in our lives we can enjoy an infinite abundance of it!

Compassion: Kindness starts by being true to ourselves including those parts of ourselves we find the hardest to love. Practicing compassion for ourselves shifts us away from a vibration that requires validation from others and is a powerful way to cultivate healthy boundaries. With healthy boundaries in place we become free to share ourselves without losing our own sense of balance and harmony.

Creativity and Fun: Our beautiful inner children love to dream, explore, play and do things just for fun. It’s easy as adults to forget the importance of creating space to do things just for fun, but in those moments of pure fun we get to let our imaginations loose, which is the creative force which helps to drive manifestation.

Forgiveness: All of us have experienced some sort of hurt or pain in our lives or have unintentionally hurt others. It’s so very easy to hold on to these moments which have so hurt our essence, but in doing so, we re-inflict that pain on ourselves over and over. This is why we try to forgive ourselves and others because each instance of forgiveness melts away the cords that tie pain to us and what we really want is inner peace and harmony.

Joy: Life can be full of beauty, joy and everyday treasures which  can be discovered by being present in the now. Presence is the gatewayway to joy and happiness because worry can only exist in thoughts of the future or memories of the past. By finding our joy in the here and now, we believe we are laying foundations of joy for all of our tomorrows.

Laughter: A good laugh is truly tonic for the soul, the energy of laughter is healing because it helps to open up our heart space (heart chakra) and expands our energy shifting us into a beautiful, positive vibration. On a physical level it boosts the immune system and reduces stress. Laughter can shift us out of heavy, serious energy into a more lighthearted holistic perspective.

Big love

Anna + LJ xx