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Part 4: The Creation Diamond® - The Making Of

Birthing The Creation Diamond® was longer than an elephant pregnancy (they're pregnant for almost 2 years). An amazing 2+ years of creativity, lots of patience, even more persistence and keeping our intention + energy really clear and focused.  We started out by hand-making our very first prototypes, but we quickly realised that we needed to cast the design to honour its sacred geometry. That's how we began our first journey in to working with a small family-run casting business which was an education! It's really easy when you're working with other people for it all to become about the *thing* and practicalities, but we wanted the process to be about energy + intention and for the symbolism of the design to remain...

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Part 3: The Creation Diamond Journey® - Diamond Light Energy

Do you ever notice the same signs and symbols around you over and over that pop up in unexpected places until you stop in your tracks and pay attention? That's what happened for us as we were birthing The Creation Diamond®. I'd (Anna) seen a big old diamond shape during a particular *Creation* meditation (created by my reiki master) during my reiki mastership training. During the meditation I was clearly show that my connection to Source is diamond-shaped, it was stunning. LJ had also had diamonds popping up and she'd subconsciously surrounded herself with items with diamond patterns on them! When LJ did Sara of The Space In Between's Creation workshop she also saw her higher self as a diamond! We started chatting about...

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Part 1: The Creation Diamond Journey - Energy + Intention

You know those days when you wake up in the morning and feel like you've got so much to do before you even leave the house? So you get straight into it all, which seems totally logical, but then you're morning leaves you feeling like you've been running around like crazy before you've even left the house? That used to be how we started our days, on autopilot for the day ahead. In amongst all the rushing around we hadn't even taken a single moment to tune in to how we’re feeling on the inside let alone asked ourselves what we needed to support us. It's a really easy pattern to fall into because we all have a morning ritual but more...

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