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The importance of honouring yourself

Recently, Anna and I went on our first road trip/holiday since we were 18 and 22! It was such a wonderful time out from the busy-ness of motherhood and a wonderful “time in” with my sister. It was also a good opportunity to detox from all the little niggles of day-to-day life and just spend time talking about creative and positive things, enjoying simple pleasures, leaving the TV off and eating nourishing, delicious food. t until Anna moved here and gently pointed out that it’s …

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Creating a personal altar space

*Honour thyself* is probably the practice that the majority of us struggle with or have struggled with the most (certainly both of us!), because we often perceive putting ourselves first as being synonymous with a sort of selfishness and loving/ worshiping ourselves has even cringier connotations of egocentricity and/or arrogance. I’m sure we’ve all heard someone say something like, “Oh, I don’t like so and so because they loves themselves” about a celebrity or someone they know.

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Crystals: choosing what’s right for you

I’ve felt drawn to crystals, ever since I started working with them ten years ago designing and making jewellery. Back then, I knew nothing of their individual healing properties but found myself drawn to work with specific gemstones like crystal quartz and amethyst time and time again. I didn’t realise it, but I was instinctively drawn to the crystals that would best support me with the issues I was struggling with at the time.

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