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Part 4: The Creation Diamond® - The Making Of

Birthing The Creation Diamond® was longer than an elephant pregnancy (they're pregnant for almost 2 years). An amazing 2+ years of creativity, lots of patience, even more persistence and keeping our intention + energy really clear and focused.  We started out by hand-making our very first prototypes, but we quickly realised that we needed to cast the design to honour its sacred geometry. That's how we began our first journey in to working with a small family-run casting business which was an education! It's really easy when you're working with other people for it all to become about the *thing* and practicalities, but we wanted the process to be about energy + intention and for the symbolism of the design to remain...

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Part 2: The Creation Diamond® Journey - Design + Symbolism

Sometimes when you love working with crystals, it's definitely a *thing* that you end up carrying them around however you can: in bras, in wallets.... This had lead to a few embarrassing moments when they've fallen out of our bras in public! That's why we decided to create an elegant and beautiful yet practical way to carry our crystals: The Creation Diamond® We wanted to create a really practical yet elegant tool for everyday use with Design + Symbolism at its core.  ONE NECKLACE THAT CAN CARRY DIFFERENT CRYSTALS! We've designed The Creation Diamond® to be openable so you can choose + wear a different crystal each day because as humans we need different energy vibrations to support us at different times....

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