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Thank you 33, hello 34!

I’m turning 34 tomorrow and before welcoming in a new birth year I started to think about my year of 33.

It has been a pretty amazing year of growth and transformation where I finally felt like my true self. I must admit I’m still growing (aren’t we all) but, unlike other years, this year I decided to pull my socks up and do more deep work on myself so I would finally emerge from my cocoon.

I realise that, up until this point I’ve been literally hiding; hiding from writing blog posts in case they sounded strange, hiding from being creative in case I didn’t produce something beautiful and hiding from acknowledging that my spiritual side is a big part of who I am. So the year of 33 was spent nurturing myself, my toddler and my sweet unborn child.

The culmination of my year of 33 has been the birth of my second son Rhys on the 5th January. The birth was rough for both he and I resulting in a stint in the Special Care Unit for Rhys and an emergency c-section for me, but I also birthed my inner tigress and a sense of determination that I had never experienced before. As a result, I have emerged a more confident and self assured LJ and I don’t doubt my inner strength any more.

I received a lot of support to emerge though. Weekly meditation with the gorgeous Sara of the Space In Between. Brid, my amazing Kinesiologist who helped me work through all that was holding me back, both in this and past lives.

My amazingly spiritual baby in utero, *thank you baby Rhys*, who heightened all my psychic abilities to the point that I couldn’t ignore them any more. My lovely SOT chiropractor, Helen, who literally and energetically supported me throughout my pregnancy and has been instrumental in Rhys’s recovery. My fantastic doula Mel. Our thoughtful family and friends who cooked food and brought it over to keep us nourished.

photo (10)

I was also supported by a humble and kind soul called Alan who is a quantum healer and has dedicated his life to helping people without charge. My amazing husband Tom who is my foundation and greatest love.

My beautiful sister and brother in law who were there with us in the trenches when Rhys was in the Special Care Unit loving us, looking after Ren so we could be at the hospital with Rhys, wrapping their warmth around us as we cried and rejoicing with us when we finally brought him home. There is so much to be grateful for.

photo (11)

Thank you 33. You meant a lot to me. I sense that 34 is all about finally being free enough to express all that I am and all the creativity that has been gently emerging from within me. Watch this space!

Big love


UPDATE! I can’t believe I forgot my awesome parents who travelled all the way from the UK and stayed for 2 solid months so they could support me during and after Rhys’ birth and lavish love, attention and care on Ren (which is always important when a new sibling arrives on the scene). Thank you SO much!