Part 2: The Creation Diamond® Journey - Design + Symbolism

Sometimes when you love working with crystals, it's definitely a *thing* that you end up carrying them around however you can: in bras, in wallets.... This had lead to a few embarrassing moments when they've fallen out of our bras in public! That's why we decided to create an elegant and beautiful yet practical way to carry our crystals: The Creation Diamond®

We wanted to create a really practical yet elegant tool for everyday use with Design + Symbolism at its core. 


We've designed The Creation Diamond® to be openable so you can choose + wear a different crystal each day because as humans we need different energy vibrations to support us at different times. This means that The Creation Diamond® is like many different crystal necklaces in one!


The diamond shape of the pendant symbolises your diamond-shaped energy field (also called your Diamond Light Body) which surrounds you, connecting you to Source and grounding you to Earth. This diamond-shaped energy field supports you to bridge Heaven and Earth with your energy sitting in the centre receiving and transmitting energy from and to Source.

We love the diamond shape because it's the geometric symbol for “Creation” the universal (cosmic) womb that everything comes from.

The diamond shape also contains two triangles which symbolise the building blocks of all matter, in variations of the four elements; Earth, Air, Fire and Water.


The Creation Diamond® has 6 diamond-shaped windows because we wanted to incorporate the magic of numerology and 6 is the number of Love and nurturing.


When you put a crystal inside your pendant you're placing the energy + intention of that crystal in to your energy field + setting the conscious intention for your energy to match its vibration.

Join us for Part 3 of The Creation Diamond® Journey where we talk about Diamond Light Energy.

You can purchase a Creation Diamond for yourself HERE.

Big love

Anna + LJ xx