Why I Don’t Watch the News

Until about a year ago, I used to digest every bit of soul-destroying, negative news reporting as if it was my *duty* to be informed, no matter how horrific, but I don’t watch the mainstream news any more (except for scanning the headlines briefly on news websites). Instead, I made a conscious decision to focus on positive news from around the world and turn my energy and my attention to other shifts that are currently occurring which the mainstream media largely ignore.

It can be so very easy to get bogged down with all the things that aren’t right with the world and in doing so one can totally miss all the amazing things that ARE happening, one of which is the fact that so many of us are “awakening” and realising *who/what we really are* and *why we are here*.

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Perhaps the best way to explain what I mean when I say *awakening* is to share my own experience, which came in the form of a short, sharp flash of remembrance during a healing session. As I was focussing on a specific word, suddenly, as if I had done some sort of inter-dimensional leap, I was in a big, dark void (which at the time I thought might be outer space) and I wasn’t me *Anna* any more but just a knowingness…a consciousness with no form.

This was accompanied by a sense of neutrality, until I could sense nearby a brilliant white tear in the fabric of space…and the words that flowed through my mind were *that is the whole…the oneness*. As those words flashed through my memory, they were accompanied by a deep sense of sadness and wanting to go back to *the whole* which wrenched sobs from deep within my being. I sat there inconsolable for the rest of my session.

As you can imagine, this was all rather confusing at the time for an ex-business/legal type, who had largely existed in the realms of the logic mind and I came away equal parts dazed and resistant to the idea that what had just happened was anything but some sort of imaginative dream. However, somewhere deep in my intuitive mind I knew this was very real and that it was a memory of something long past.

I’ve had quite a bit of time since that moment to learn to trust my intuitive senses (not least thanks to reiki training) and have arrived at a clearer sense of the nature of what happened and I’ve distilled it to this:

The word I was focussing on acted as a memory trigger, which revealed the true nature of what I once was (dare I say what we all once were prior to being in these human forms)…pure consciousness and part of the whole that I now know to be the Universe (Source, Universal Consciousness whatever you want to call it). The deep sense of sadness I felt at the time was due to the mistaken belief that I had somehow become entirely disconnected from the whole, which I now know to be untrue (^_-)

Having wondered around for a while feeling odd and a bit alien to say the least, I soon began to realise that I was, by no stretch of the imagination, the only person to have such an *awakening* moment and that there are many people the world over who have been awake for much much longer than I. This knowledge brought with it a great sense of comfort that there is, in fact, a global shift of consciousness occurring. After all, if it’s possible for someone like me (formerly largely logic minded, grounded in the see, hear, touch reality) to have this realisation, then pretty much anyone can!

So, what’s so great about awakening? Well, on a personal level it’s given me a HUGE insight in to why I’m here and what I am here to do. It’s a game-changing realisation which has set me on a path I would NEVER have entertained before, namely energetic healing and it’s also pushed me to look beyond the mundane aspects of the day-to-day to examine my higher personal, spiritual path closely.

Life takes on a totally different perspective when you subscribe to the understanding that, although this earthly life seems very real, in reality it is a temporary dream of the collective consciousness. We have chosen to enter a temporary slumber where we believe we are separate from the Universe. We sequester a part of our consciousness in to these human beings to dream, so we can experience and master forgiveness and forget, just for a short while, that we ARE the Universe so we can remember Our True Nature through a process of enlightenment and spiritual growth purely for the experience.

What does this global shift in consciousness mean? To me, it suggests that steadily and quietly mankind is raising its vibration away from the issues upon which the main stream media largely report: violence, greed, corruption, a world based on separation and division towards unity. In my humble opinion, it doesn’t really matter whether or not this shift gets main stream media coverage, because there is no force greater than an individual who has experienced a fundamental paradigm shift. That individual will affect every single person with whom they come in to contact by embodying the shift within themselves and individual interaction changes people!

So yeah, that’s why I no longer watch the news (^_-)

Resources which I have found useful for anyone interested:

Big love

Anna xx