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CREATE ~ A Whole New World

Don’t worry, this post isn’t about me breaking into full on Disney songs but about my newly discovered love, or should I call it descent into yarn and knitting madness. I use the word “descent” deliberately, as it is indeed a slippery slope…one minute you’re just “having a wee go at this knitting malarchy” and the next you find yourself “oohing and aahing” in several different yarn shops in a day. Accompanied by my wonderful friend Becky of Chameleon Designs, who like some gleeful yarn elf lead me a merry dance into various yarn shops, I found myself discussing the exciting prospect of meeting Debbie Bliss with one shop assistant. I didn’t even know who Debbie Bliss was last month!! now I am all a fluster at the idea of her gracing a relatively local yarn shop in Guildford in October for a Q&A and to sign some of her books lol. Oh dear…..I think the transformation is well and truly complete! Advertisements

CREATE ~ Can Craft Change the World?

Today, UK Handmade took part in #craftdebate hosted by the British Museum on twitter; a discussion about whether “craft has a place in this digital age?” Previous craftdebates posed questions such as “What is the role and value of crafts today?” and “Can craft be used to change the world?” and this got me thinking about just that. I guess I wouldn’t be expending my energies as part of the UK Handmade team unless I believed that craft can positively influence the world we inhabit. Having experienced a corporate life totally devoid of any creative outlet at one point in my life, in my humble opinion, people who “make”, “craft” or “create”, whatever you wish to call it, on a regular basis tend to be happier people…a little less stressed and consequently more likely to have both the emotional and head space to “give”, “care” or “share” more, because they aren’t all-consumed by the business of getting through the stress of the day. I feel the act of making/creating something is intrinsically therapeutic. Anyone who …