We are Anna + LJ, sisters and best friends. We used to be separated by 15000 km, LJ (Australia) and Anna (UK). We longed for a day where we would be in the same country, living and sharing our lives with one another. In the mean time we trusted that "the world is small when love is your compass" and that Love knows no distance/time. 

There came a life changing moment when we reached a cross roads in our lives, where one path seemed the logical way and the other seemed like the unknown. We took a leap of faith and trusted our hearts and Anna ended up moving to Australia. 

We have both experienced what it is like to trust and choose the road less travelled, in order to live a life that aligns with who we truly are and what we truly want. A life that honours what really matters to us: being with the people we love and sharing the magic that is life with them. 

In a society that often values logic over emotions and head over heart, how do you tune-in to your true-self and soul calling when there's so much noise in the world that already tells you who you should be and what you should do? 

We started Love is Your Compass from our own journey of answering this question. We created a recipe to remind us how to stay connected to our true selves, whilst living in the real world, we call this "Heart Centred Living".

We are excited to share this recipe and the beautiful, practical tools we have lovingly created that we use and we hope will support you. 

Big Love