We are Anna + LJ, sisters and best friends.

Love is Your Compass comes from an affirmation that LJ channeled back in 2011, “The World is Small when Love is Your Compass”, this was at a time when we were living on the other side of the world from one another, Anna in the UK and LJ in Australia. The affirmation reminds us that even though we currently live in a world which values head over heart, to stay connected to our heart space and, through it, to one another.

In 2013 Anna moved to Melbourne and we were finally in the same physical place to begin our soul work together, it seemed fitting to call ourselves “Love is Your Compass” to honour that original affirmation.

Being together really sparks our soul growth because we act mirrors for one another, shining a light on the areas within each other that require self-love to heal. We both embrace this inner work on ourselves because we are both on a journey home to wholeness. What that means is healing through self-love, all those parts of ourselves we have at some point and for some reason rejected or neglected. We call this "soul work" and we feel that it's the most important work we can do. We started creating soul medicine tools to support ourselves to tune-in to our inner compass to do this soul work.

In 2016 we felt called to share the tools we had created to support ourselves with you and we launched our first collection: The Pathfinder Wolves.  

All the sacred tools we create are intended to support you through this process to shift your inner world. They are physical tools to support your inward journey.

Big love