Heart Centred Living

What is Heart Centred Living?

Heart Centred Living is about bringing the focus back to what is truly important and that is your inner world, because your inner world creates your individual reality (how you see the world). 

We believe that we ALL have innate wisdom. Our job is to still our minds and find practices to help us tune-in to what is really going on within us because we cannot heal what we do not acknowledge. 

To support ourselves to do this, we created a simple recipe to remind us how to stay connected to our true selves, whilst still living in the real world, we call this "Heart Centred Living" which has become our fundamental philosophy.


Heart Centred Living in practice:

Here’s how to support yourself to live in a Heart Centred way and connect inwards:  



Create a physical space in your home that is just for you, it can be a shelf, table or a room, the intention is that it is a sacred space just for you to honour and tune-in to your inner world. The very act of creating a space just for yourself is a commitment to tune in regularly. Read about how to set up your personal altar space HERE 



Nurturing (meditation, self-healing reiki) and having compassion for yourself, cultivating self-love and forgiveness. A good technique is to imagine that you are your own best friend and ask yourself:

What would I do for my best friend if they were in this situation? Would I berate them, judge them or would I give them unconditional love and support?

Also, embracing the Japanese concept of “Wabi Sabi” which literally means “acceptance of transience and imperfection” to remind yourself that you are perfectly imperfect in every moment. 



This can seem hard when we live in a climate so permeated by fear, but one simple step is to switch off from main-stream media + the constant flow of negative news stories. This is not to say that you should be ignorant of world events, but a reminder to be mindful not to allow fear to permeate you and rule your perceptions and actions.

A useful technique, particularly when you find yourself in difficult situations is to ask:

Is what I am feeling coming from a foundation of fear or love?” 



Cultivating trust in your inner wisdom when you receive it and most importantly acting upon it. This can feel hard at times, particularly when the road ahead doesn’t seem clear and the need to know the how and the why feels strong. It is at these times that you can practice daily mantras for letting go and trusting:

I trust that my divine inner compass is always steering me towards my highest good.