Us and the Environment

We feel that we have a responsibility to Mother Earth to nurture and replenish her. This means that we strive to minimise detrimental environmental impact in our business and our personal lives.

This is why:

  • we use recycled silver (wherever possible) for our wearable sacred tools.
  • the selenite for our Light Discs comes from a small deposit owned by a husband and wife team who mine it themselves and pay themselves properly!
  • our LiYC boxes and business stationery are made from part post-consumer recycled paper.
  • our LiYC jewellery bags are handmade from eco-friendly fibres: linen + calico.
  • we strive to avoid single-use items, which is why we put a lot of love and care into designing packaging that doesn't just end up in the bin!
  • our archival sleeves for our prints are acid-free and made from polypropylene, a stable, inert material and therefore ideal for long term storage of artwork. We’ve sourced the best quality sleeves we can find so that they can be reused e.g. resealed.
  • our prints come protected with recycled backing boards and are posted in kraft envelopes made from recycled card.
  • we use GreenWrap eco friendly biodegradable paper protective packaging material made from SFI/Recycled material as an alternative to plastic bubble wrap and foam peanuts. This reduces plastic packaging wrap going to landfill. (Note: we do use a small amount of recycled bubblewrap around our Light Discs only as we've found they are too fragile to post in anything less.)