Working with your Pathfinder Talisman

How your Pathfinder Wolf works

The Pathfinder Wolves are crystal messengers which carry the vibration of a unique or shared soul medicine messages (which we channel).

In Japanese wolves are known as Ōkami 狼 and  considered messengers of the Creator. We call them pathfinders for their ability to guide you down new pathways of being and behaviour patterns and because they provide a gateway through which to know your spiritual path.

The combination of crystal talisman + soul medicine is intended to help you work with your subconscious mind to support you to let go of limiting beliefs and old patterns that no longer serve you for your highest good. 

Humans are creatures of habit

As human beings, we tend to be creatures of habit. By the age of 35 many of our reactions and responses to people and situations have become habitual programs running in our subconscious minds on autopilot.

The pathfinder wolves are wearable tools which carry soul medicine intended to remind you of the energy you have chosen to embody + embrace in your life. 

Each time you wear or work with your pathfinder, your conscious mind is prompted to remember the soul medicine it carries (this doesn’t need to be word for word but the overall feeling). The channeled soul medicine messages all carry vibrations of unconditional love, the intention of which is to bring forth the corresponding emotion in you.

The combination of this awareness that there is another way to react or respond to events and situations in your life + the emotions that are evoked within you by the soul medicine support you to break old thought programs and behaviours.

How to work with your Pathfinder

Getting started

When you first start working with your talisman (by wearing it or using it in a daily spiritual practice) it’s great to:

  • Read or speak the soul medicine each time you put your pathfinder on or decide to work with it.
  • Continue to do this until you know the soul medicine without needing to read it anymore, although knowing the wording by heart isn’t essential as long as you remember the feeling the soul medicine inspires in you.

What next?

After a while, you won’t need to read or speak the soul medicine for your subconscious mind to associate the wearing of your pathfinder or working with your pathfinder with the feeling the soul medicine evokes - it becomes a
part of your subconscious mind.

Now, as you go about your daily life making choices and decisions moment to moment, this soul medicine is residing in your subconscious, reminding you of the energy you have chosen to embrace in your life.

Your consciousness is powerful

In this way, you are using your consciousness to embrace the soul medicine into your subconscious mind. Our intention is that this supports you to align your energy with the essence of the soul medicine you have chosen.