How your Pathfinder Wolf works

The Pathfinder Wolves are crystal messengers which carry the vibration of a unique or shared soul message.

In Japanese, wolves are known as Ōkami 狼 and considered messengers of the Creator. We call them pathfinders for their ability to guide you down new pathways of being and behaviour patterns and because they provide a gateway through which to know your spiritual path.

The Pathfinder Wolves help bring the focus back to what is truly important and that is your inner world, because your inner world creates your individual reality. The Pathfinder wolves call you to journey inwards and embrace your soul’s truth + wisdom.

As human beings, we tend to be creatures of habit. By the age of 35 many of our reactions and responses to people and situations have become habitual, running on autopilot. The Pathfinder Wolves are intended to break this autopilot pattern, reminding you of your innate power.