"Dream" - Purple Fluorite Winged Horse


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"I am Dream: symbolically uniting the physical and spiritual realms through the groundedness of my physical body combined with the ethereal power of my wings. I am a powerful symbolic reminder that you can alter your physical world by tapping in to your non-physical essence.

I carry the vibration of Purple Fluorite + Amethyst, a beautiful combination which supports you to anchor your higher spiritual energies into the physical bringing balance and harmony between the two. This supports you to see with clarity and brings a sense of stability. The vibration of Amethyst supports you to transmute old patterns helping you to re-attune with a sense of inner trust, calm and peace of mind. Both vibrations help to galvanise your energy field creating strong boundaries from external influences and align you strongly with source and earth helping amplify your intuition."

In creating this collection, our intention was to create a wearable sacred tool to awaken and remind you of your soul essence of pure love which can transform your physical reality.


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Dimensions: Horse head measure approx 4.4cm x 4cm x 0.8cm (44mm x 40mm x 8mm). See image 4 for how the winged horse sits.

Materials: Carved Rainbow Fluorite horse talisman, faceted Amethyst and sterling silver. 


Horse talisman 100% hand-carved by talented artisans who we are very proud to support.

All talismans are made with intention, reiki and Love to support you to explore the deepest levels of self, inner knowing and intuition.