Kei - 惠  - "Blessing" Mini Pathfinder Wolf
Kei - 惠  - "Blessing" Mini Pathfinder Wolf
Kei - 惠  - "Blessing" Mini Pathfinder Wolf
Kei - 惠  - "Blessing" Mini Pathfinder Wolf

Kei - 惠 - "Blessing" Mini Pathfinder Wolf

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Wolf is a powerful spirit animal, in Japanese they are known as Ōkami 狼 and  considered messengers of the Creator. We call them pathfinders for their ability to guide you down new pathways of being and behaviour patterns and because they provide a gateway through which to know your spiritual path.

This Amazonite Pathfinder Wolf carries the following soul medicine:

My name is "Kei" - 惠 - Blessing

I am the blessing wolf, a divine messenger of grace and kindness. My presence with you is a symbolic reminder that YOU are a blessing of the Universe.

I support you to trust that there is nothing you need do or change, you are here simply to embody the unique vibration of energy that is you. 

I encourage you to treat yourself with kindness by releasing all self-judgment and comparison with others for you are incomparable. Through the loving eyes of Source you are a divine blessing now and always.


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Dimensions: Wolf head measure approx 3.6cm x 2.5cm x 1.1cm.

Materials: Carved Amazonite wolf talisman and sterling silver. 


Wolf talisman 100% hand-carved by talented artisans who we are very proud to support.

All talismans are made with intention, reiki and Love to support you to explore the deepest levels of self, inner knowing and intuition.