Pathfinder Wolf Necklace ~ Kiseki

Kiseki - 奇跡 - "Miracle" Pathfinder Wolf


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Wolf is a powerful spirit animal, considered a pathfinder and teacher because of the ability to bring new ideas and teachings and providing a gateway through which to know your spiritual path and heritage.

This Lapis Lazuli Pathfinder Wolf carries the following soul medicine:

My name is "Kiseki" - 奇跡 - Miracle

"I am the wolf of Miracles, a messenger of divine source. My presence with you is a symbolic reminder that the very nature of life is miraculous. I support you to know that you yourself, in every moment that your unique energy exists in this shared dream, are a miracle. I encourage you to release judgment of life as duality, so that you may embrace a perspective of life where every day feels like a gift and a miracle. The only thing standing between a life full of miracles and a life void of miracles is your own perception."


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Dimensions: Wolf head measure approx 5cm x 4cm x 1.8cm.

Materials: Carved Lapis Lazuli wolf talisman, faceted Lapis Lazuli and sterling silver. 


Wolf talisman 100% hand-carved by talented artisans who we are very proud to support.

All talismans are made with intention, reiki and Love to support you to explore the deepest levels of self, inner knowing and intuition.