Selenite Light Disc *ICHI*
Selenite Light Disc *ICHI*
Selenite Light Disc *ICHI*
Selenite Light Disc *ICHI*
Selenite Light Disc *ICHI*

Selenite Light Disc *ICHI*

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The 'Light Disc' is a beautiful, practical, sacred tool for re-attuning your crystals and crystal talismans.

The Process

The Light disc is made from ethically mined, hand-cut and polished Selenite. It is NOT a mass-produced item; each disc is created by two beautiful people who are custodians of a stunning Selenite deposit. These two beautiful souls take the time + care + attention that these powerful crystals deserve!

The Selenite

Selenite is a natural stone with visible striations and naturally occurring inclusions. Each disc is therefore OOAK with its own unique, natural patterning and level of translucence created by Mother Nature.

We've never seen Selenite this beautiful before, it's stunningly translucent, like crystallised mountain water. 

The Sacred Geometry

The Light Disc is lovingly etched with channeled sacred geometry to enhance the disc's innate re-attuning ability and comes with a card to authenticate it as a Love is Your Compass Original (see image 4).


  • Material: Selenite 
  • Diameter:  6 inches 
  • Thickness: 10mm
  • Shipping Weight: 680 grams
  • Origin: Mexico 

Why we created the Light Disc

Like us, crystals are affected by the energy around them so it's important to re-attune them regularly so that they can maintain their original vibration which in turns gives you the most support. 

There are many different ways to cleanse your crystals (Reiki, Focused intention, Sunlight, Moonlight, Clean Water, Sound, Burying in the Earth etc) but we don't always have time to utilise these methods, so we decided to create the "Light Disc" as a way to cleanse our crystals whilst we are out and about getting on with other things!

Why Selenite?

We believe that Selenite is the only truly self-cleansing (re-attuning) crystal which is why we have chosen it for our "Light Disc". The name Selenite comes from the Greek moon goddess "Selene" because visually it emits moon-like luminescence and also holds the ability to cleanse like the Moon.

Suggestions for using the Light Disc

  • Pop your crystals and crystal talismans on the Light Disc over night and they will be re-attuned and ready for you to use again the next day.
  • Leave your Light Disc in your sacred space or bedroom and its high vibrational frequency will help to keep the space feeling clear.
  • Place your crystals on the Light Disc to use it as a base for a crystal grid (see image 5).