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The Creation Diamond crystal pendant necklace on model



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A sacred tool which invites you to take a moment, connect with yourself and your crystals. Providing you with a ritual and space for you to set a conscious intention for your day.

You will receive:

  • The Creation Diamond® pendant (Sterling Silver)

  • 1 x Sterling Silver Snake Chain (select length from drop down menu)

    • photo 1 - Alice wears 60cm chain

    • photo 2 - Alice wears 80cm chain

  • 1 x Crystal Trinity Journey Pack (3 tumbled crystals) of your choice (select from drop down menu)

    Self Love + Compassion 
    (Rose Quartz + Aventurine + Chrysocolla)
    Self-Belief + Courage 
    (Amazonite + Sodalite + Fire Agate) 
    Expression + Creativity 
    (Ametrine + Lapis Lazuli + Apatite)
    Transition + Change 
    (Snow Quartz + Chiastolite + Labradorite)
    Co-Creation + Manifesting 
    (Clear Quartz + Smoky Quartz + Citrine)

  • Handmade Indigo Linen Crystal Bag.

          • The Creation Diamond® ritual box.

          The Creation Diamond® Story

          Tuning in to see how you’re feeling and setting a corresponding INTENTION to support yourself is such a beautiful and powerful way to start your day.

          Unfortunately, it's easy to start your day without giving a moment’s thought to how you feel or what YOU want for your day.

          This is when having a daily ritual that supports you to tune in to your inner world is so powerful!

          We created The Creation Diamond®: 

          • as a daily ritual to tune in to see how you feel;

          • to consciously set an intention as to what energy you want to bring to your day and then intuitively selecting a crystal to support that intention;

          • to safely carry that crystal in a sacred vessel that symbolises your Diamond Light Body and honours you as a Creator being; and

          • to use as a pendulum for dowsing.

          A Simple Daily Ritual

          There can be so much noise in modern life that it can be hard to hear your inner voice. That’s why having a daily ritual that supports you to tune in to your inner world is so powerful.

          We created the Creation Diamond® to use as an intentional daily ritual where you ask yourself:

          • What do I want to consciously create today?

          • What energy do I want to shine in my life right now?

          Then, intuitively select the crystal that will support you throughout your day and place it inside the pendant.

          When you choose a crystal, you are: 

          • Tuning into your inner world.

          • Trusting your intuition as to what will best support you right now.

          • Setting the conscious intention for your energy to match the vibration of your chosen crystal.

          A simple but powerful way to harness the power of your intention and support it with crystal energy everyday.

          We love seeing you wear your Creation Diamond® tag us with #mycreationdiamond

          The Creation Diamond by Love Is Your Compass from Love Is Your Compass on Vimeo.