Close up of The Sacred Mother Creation Diamond pearly white hexagonal box with a streak of rainbow light across it. The box is on a grey background.
The Sacred Mother Creation Diamond® Crystal Holder Necklace - Unconditional Love
The Sacred Mother Creation Diamond crystal cage necklace, hexagonal box and three crystal spheres - rose quartz, citrine and amethyst on a slab of selenite with a background of yellow flowers and green grass.
Mature Asian Woman wearing The Sacred Mother Creation Diamond necklace with an amethyst sphere inside. She is standing in front of a large glass window with trees outside.
Womans hand holding The Sacred Mother Creation Diamond hexagonal box with the diamond-shaped pendant inside containing a rose quartz sphere.
The Sacred Mother Creation Diamond® Crystal Holder Necklace - Unconditional Love
An Asian Mother smiling with her two adult daughers sitting either side of her at a table also smiling. All three women are wearing diamond-shaped crystal cage Creation Diamond necklaces. There is a Japanese teapot and three cups on the table. The background is a grey wall.

The Sacred Mother Creation Diamond® Crystal Holder Necklace - Unconditional Love

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“Mother love flows through everything, it is the embodied expression of the vibration of the Universe.” ~ Love is Your Compass.

We created this version of The Creation Diamond crystal holder necklace to honour the energy of those who Nurture and Guide us through life.

We recognise that for some, these souls may not have birthed us, but they've been an important part of our lives in some way and we value their Love and support. They may not even refer to themselves as "Mother" but that energy of nurturing still flows through them.


○ Rose Quartz - Holds the vibration of unconditional love + nurturing, a gentle energy which supports you to give yourself the love you deserve, as well as trust and remain connected to your heart space.

○ Amethyst - Holds the vibration of inner trust, calm and peace of mind, which supports you to create space for yourself by establishing good boundaries.

○ Citrine - Holds the vibration of optimism, joy + abundance. a vibrant energy which acts as an emotional anchor which supports you to shine your inner light with confidence. 

You receive:

  • The Creation Diamond® pendant (Sterling Silver)
  • 1 x Sterling Silver Snake Chain (select 60cm or 80cm length from drop down)
  • 1 x Crystal Sphere Trinity Journey Pack
  • Handmade Linen Crystal Bag
  • The Sacred Mother Creation Diamond® ritual box
  • Information inserts

Make The Creation Diamond® part of your daily ritual to consciously set an intention as to what energy you want to bring to your day.

The Creation Diamond® is a diamond-shaped sterling silver crystal holder pendant with a modern openable design so you can choose a different crystal energy to support you each day.

Intuitively select a crystal to support your intention and safely carry your crystal in diamond-shaped vessel that symbolises your Diamond Light Body and honours you as a Creator Being.

Follow this simple Daily Ritual to tune in to your inner world

At the start of your day, create a moment to ask yourself: 

◈ What do I want to consciously create today?
What energy do I want to shine in my life right now?

    Then, intuitively select the crystal that will support you throughout your day and place it inside your Creation Diamond® pendant.

    When you choose your crystal, you are: 

    ◈ Tuning into your inner world.
    ◈ Trusting your intuition as to what will best support you right now.
    ◈ Setting the conscious intention for your energy to match the vibration of your chosen crystal.

      A simple but powerful way to harness the power of your intention and support it with crystal energy everyday.

      We love seeing you wear your Creation Diamond® tag us with #mycreationdiamond