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An intuitive journey

Gosh I can’t believe this is my first blog post of 2015, it feels like I haven’t visited this space for a while but I have a very smile-inducing excuse…we (the whole family) have all been rather engrossed in the beautiful new addition to our family in the shape of our shiny new little nephew \(^0^)/ Congratulations to my gorgeous sister and her hubby and my other little nephew who is now a big brother! Anyway back on topic, now that I’m back here this also means that it’s been an entire year since I re-discovered my love of painting and embarked upon my intuitive journey through a series of paintings focussed around balancing my own chakra energy system. I found the process of letting go of control really really hard at first, but I gradually found myself feeling more and more ok about NOT knowing and planning what the final painting would look like. This process was the key I found to really give myself permission to be free to really venture inward. Advertisements

Meditative Painting

I touched on it briefly in my previous post, but I’ve been pondering why and precisely when I decided to stop painting and allowed this precious meditative gift to slip through my fingers for almost two decades. I do recall painting in my second year of university, it was a waterfall scene which I had emblasoned in my memory from a trip to Tanzania with my then boyfriend and that painting was to adorn my uni bedroom for the remainder of my studies (in fact I’ve still got it now). Now that I’ve picked up my brushes again, I just can’t fathom why I ever put them down in the first place. Perhaps I took the simple, creative pleasure of applying paints to canvas for granted and had my head turned by the usual student pursuits….socialising, clubbing, hanging out at the student union lol Perhaps I was just too busy with study or bogged down with a feeling of heavy depression to paint…who knows but one thing I can say for certain is that I feel …

Creative Reconnection & Serendipity

It’s been a veeeeeeeeery long time (17+ years) since I picked up a paint brush to do anything other than paint the interior walls of a house or building. So, it was with more than a little trepidation (in fact I was SO nervous I hardly slept the night before) that LJ and I embarked on a lovely road trip down towards the South East of Melbourne, headed for our destination: Mornington Peninsula. Here we took part in the *Serendipity Intuitive Painting Workshop* lead by the talented artist, Susan Farrell.

Family Portraits

It’s become a bit of a tradition in our household to commission a very special portrait whenever a new furry character joins our family. So on Frank’s arrival into our fold, in keeping with tradition, I contacted my friend Sabrina to commission a very special portrait of him in all his beautiful long-haired glory (even though he has now had a bit of a summer hair cut!).