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The Reiki mastership journey

As you may already know, I am and have been immersed in my reiki mastership journey for the past 9 months (I say “my” because it is a deeply personal journey). It’s simultaneously the BEST and the toughest journey I’ve ever embarked upon. Unsurprisingly, I’m often asked what reiki mastership involves, and the only way I am able to answer is this: “It’s different for every person that walks the reiki path because each of us is so very unique, with our own custom blend of soul lessons to master and soul purposes to fulfill. It’s a commitment to open your eyes, heart, soul (everything) fully to the holistic nature of life, and from that stand point start to *be* with yourself in your entirety (all parts of you) in the bright shining light of reiki that reveals the truth of yourself. It’s less a journey of mastering and more a journey of remembering what you really are through presence, acceptance and the act of allowing/being rather than doing.” Advertisements

Learning to embrace my Yin

I’ve spent much of my life hunkering down in my Yang (masculine) energy because it felt safer than being in my Yin (feminine), which felt too vulnerable and scary. In fact, I suspect this fear of Yin has followed me through from past lives and my mother even thought I might be a boy when I was as yet unborn (but that is another story). Over the years my Yang-ness has received a fair bit of external validation, particularly as our society tends to applaud, favour (if not worship) Yang qualities: activity, speed, efficiency, youth, physical strength, power. Might it be that society itself is out of balance?

Selflessness vs Selfishness

Last week I found myself breathing a HUGE sigh of relief as my meditation teacher took us through a beautiful healing meditation for others and more importantly OURSELVES. As I felt the warm waves of brilliant white light energy fill up my heart and spread throughout my body, it really hit home just how much I needed it and I also realised just how difficult I find it to receive! Over the past year or so I’ve found myself increasingly drawn to the healing modalities, I’ve also noticed that those with an inclination towards healing work (like myself) have a tendency to allow the care of others to overtake the care of themselves. They are often referred to as *selfless* which is defined as being: “concerned more with the needs and wishes of others than with one’s own; unselfish” In our society being *selfless* tends to be placed up there on the high altar of *the right way to be* whilst being *selfish* is deemed the darth vadar (evil) to selflessness’ skywalker (good). Reality, however, is rarely so black and …

Painful Lessons & Heavenly Scents

So, I’ve managed to pull a muscle in my lower back, which seems to have made all my other muscles clamp down in protection mode of said poor, beleaguered muscle. I’ve spent the last few days bent over like a little old lady in a fairy story and have been marvelling at the sheer audacity of myself for taking something as important as my back for granted everyday. Seriously you need your back for absolutely everything! Sacral – part of a series of meditative paintings I’ve been working on Ultimately, I’m not really that surprised that this has happened as, for the last week, I’ve knowingly been flouting one of the number one rules my sensei taught me in Reiki 1 training which was giving  myself self-healing reiki each day! I’m not sure why I haven’t been doing this since I’ve been more than happy to give reiki to everyone else, but I suspect it has something to do with struggling with self-care routines and feeling like I deserve it as much as I feel others do.

Paradigm Shift

I recently completed my training in Usui Reiki level 1 with a lovely group of fellow students, taught by our wonderful Reiki sensei (teacher/master) Sara of *the space in between*. It was an experience that not only taught me some exceedingly valuable ways to look after myself using reiki, but also outlined a way of living, perceiving (ourselves and others), experiencing life that really resonated with me and if practised by the majority, would, I believe, outline a true paradigm shift in the way we as human beings relate to and exist in the universe.