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Cats & Dogs

This Friday will mark the three month-versary of Frank the fabulous border collie joining the Stassen clan (^_^) I for one can’t remember life before Frank as he has become such a beloved part of our family and I really hope he is enjoying his new digs. We are blessed with plenty of wide open spaces nearby our new home so Frank gets plenty of exercise and with his new shorter haircut folk regularly mistake him for a pup (even though he’s 93 in human years lol) I’m just happy that he is looking so young and sprightly and that I can keep up with him!! Advertisements

Family Portraits

It’s become a bit of a tradition in our household to commission a very special portrait whenever a new furry character joins our family. So on Frank’s arrival into our fold, in keeping with tradition, I contacted my friend Sabrina to commission a very special portrait of him in all his beautiful long-haired glory (even though he has now had a bit of a summer hair cut!).

Making friends with Amichien Bonding

It’s been a couple of days since we welcomed Frank the beautiful border collie into our lives and we’ve diligently followed Jan Fennell’s Amichien Bonding techniques. If you’re wondering who Jan is, she’s often known as the “Dog Whisperer” because she’s essentially done with dogs what Monty Roberts has done with horses, namely talk to them in their own behavioural signal language. So what on earth is Amichien Bonding all about? Well, there’s a really good explanation (extract below) on this website:

Frank-ly Gorgeous

Anyone who shares their lives with a furry companion will know that we don’t really ever *own* them…it’s really the other way around….my two little furry seal point siamese girls totally and utterly own me, heart and soul. I became *owned* (as I am now going to refer to it) relatively late in life when, in my mid-20s, we decided to welcome two gorgeous Siamese seal-point sisters into our lives. Luna & Maru