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Something a bit different for Mother’s day

We love thoughtful, nurturing products made with love, so here are a few of our current favourites which we reckon are sure to put a smile on any mama’s face (^_^) Handmade Wooden Mandala Wall Hanging (Teal) by The Archer Collective Heart Flower Essence Spray by MK Wellbeing Oracle Cards by The Little Sage Love Mandala Ring by The Fifth Element Life Happy Mama Affirmation Cards by Happy Mama Love Mandala Mug by Lemon Canary Wings Scarf by Shovava Love Tea by Lemon Canary Happy shopping! Anna & LJ xxx Advertisements

Why every pregnant woman deserves a Blessing way Ceremony

Up until very recently I didn’t really know what a Blessing way Ceremony was nor what one entailed. I’d seen photos of women with beautiful henna covered bellies wearing crowns of flowers, but I hadn’t understood the significance of what it all symbolised. I’ve only been to a few baby showers in my life and they were all lovely, but I observed that it was more focused on the baby and preparing the mother practically. There didn’t seem to be much time for the pregnant woman to reflect on how she was feeling and it certainly wasn’t the deeper spiritual ritual that I instinctively knew that I wanted. I chose not to have a baby shower when I was pregnant with my first but, during this (my second pregnancy), after looking in to Blessing ways further, I felt like I had finally found a way of celebrating this life event in a way that was meaningful to me.

Intuitive Flower Essences

Today, I had the very great pleasure of taking part in a beautiful Intuitive Flower Essence work shop run by the gorgeous Melinda of MK Wellbeing (along with some other beautiful souls…you know who you are!) where we got to make our own special flower essences! I’m such a HUGE fan of the gentle supportive energy of flower essences and start each day by standing in front of a selection of Melinda’s flower essence mists, which I keep in my reiki room, and intuitively selecting the one which will best support me that day….it’s a beautiful way to start the day with an intuitive *checking-in* with myself!

Painful Lessons & Heavenly Scents

So, I’ve managed to pull a muscle in my lower back, which seems to have made all my other muscles clamp down in protection mode of said poor, beleaguered muscle. I’ve spent the last few days bent over like a little old lady in a fairy story and have been marvelling at the sheer audacity of myself for taking something as important as my back for granted everyday. Seriously you need your back for absolutely everything! Sacral – part of a series of meditative paintings I’ve been working on Ultimately, I’m not really that surprised that this has happened as, for the last week, I’ve knowingly been flouting one of the number one rules my sensei taught me in Reiki 1 training which was giving  myself self-healing reiki each day! I’m not sure why I haven’t been doing this since I’ve been more than happy to give reiki to everyone else, but I suspect it has something to do with struggling with self-care routines and feeling like I deserve it as much as I feel others do.