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Let it go!

Sadly, this isn’t going to be a post about that earworm of a song *let it go* from Frozen (still can’t make up my mind whether I love it or not). Nope, instead I’ve been pondering and mulling over the potential pressure one can feel from social media (in particular) to feel happy, accomplished, productive. I’m absolutely NOT knocking happiness or anyone trying to focus on being happy (which I totally celebrate and I love that 100 days of happy project) but what I have noticed is a tendency, particularly on social media sites such as FB, Instragram etc, for people to present their *best face/best life* so to speak. Of course, this is totally understandable and natural human behaviour not to want to expose one’s vulnerabilities to the world and equally the choice not to is also totally valid and fine. I do wonder, however, how many of us forget that this is in fact what most people are doing when posting to social media sites and that, these moments are but mere snapshots of …


Someone once asked me, “how have you become so happy?“, I couldn’t immediately offer up an answer, but I did sit and think about it. Obviously, most people aren’t happy ALL of the time (including myself) but, personally, I believe that happiness is a choice. You might think “oh come on, how can you be happy if something awful has happened!” but every situation you face in life is a choice…not a choice whether it occurs or not but a choice whether to define yourself on the basis of that situation or whether to see it for what it is, acknowledge how it made you feel and then unravel any mistaken beliefs about yourself, life or other people you brought out of that situation and, once free from those mistaken beliefs, choose to be happy.

Paradigm Shift

I recently completed my training in Usui Reiki level 1 with a lovely group of fellow students, taught by our wonderful Reiki sensei (teacher/master) Sara of *the space in between*. It was an experience that not only taught me some exceedingly valuable ways to look after myself using reiki, but also outlined a way of living, perceiving (ourselves and others), experiencing life that really resonated with me and if practised by the majority, would, I believe, outline a true paradigm shift in the way we as human beings relate to and exist in the universe.

Happy 2014

Happy New Year everyone! I’ve got a feeling that 2014 is going to be ALL about the *happy* for me (not that 2013 didn’t have its moments) but this new year feels good. A certain monsieur Pharrell Williams hits the nail on the head for moi (^_-) I think 2013 was a bit of an *admin year* for the big dutch and I…you know a year of getting stuff that needed to be done *DONE* and 2014 is the calendar equivalent of that feeling after you’ve done those things you’ve HAD to do….yeah, 2014 is where the fun really starts and I finally get to delve into all the nurturing inner work I want and NEED to do!