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The Nature of Self-Belief

The Oxford English dictionary defines “belief or believing” as: “Acceptance/accepting that (something) is true, especially without proof. ” It’s this last bit that we find the most fascinating because it explicitly says that *proof* on which so much of our society and lives is structured ISN’T part of the deal. All that is actually required is a sense of TRUST that something is true. So many people refuse to believe in anything or anyone without proof, perhaps at times that is prudent, but it also keeps what is legitimately allowed in the realms of what is considered real/true limited because lets face it, as human beings our understanding is limited; we don’t even fully comprehend how our own brains or our own consciousness works! What we’re really getting at is that perhaps proof is over-rated and maybe TRUST is what we might do better to focus on. In our own experience, trust comes from a deep sense of being connected to our inner world and essence, because this cultivates a deep knowingness which, although intangible …

An intuitive journey

Gosh I can’t believe this is my first blog post of 2015, it feels like I haven’t visited this space for a while but I have a very smile-inducing excuse…we (the whole family) have all been rather engrossed in the beautiful new addition to our family in the shape of our shiny new little nephew \(^0^)/ Congratulations to my gorgeous sister and her hubby and my other little nephew who is now a big brother! Anyway back on topic, now that I’m back here this also means that it’s been an entire year since I re-discovered my love of painting and embarked upon my intuitive journey through a series of paintings focussed around balancing my own chakra energy system. I found the process of letting go of control really really hard at first, but I gradually found myself feeling more and more ok about NOT knowing and planning what the final painting would look like. This process was the key I found to really give myself permission to be free to really venture inward.

Intuitive Flower Essences

Today, I had the very great pleasure of taking part in a beautiful Intuitive Flower Essence work shop run by the gorgeous Melinda of MK Wellbeing (along with some other beautiful souls…you know who you are!) where we got to make our own special flower essences! I’m such a HUGE fan of the gentle supportive energy of flower essences and start each day by standing in front of a selection of Melinda’s flower essence mists, which I keep in my reiki room, and intuitively selecting the one which will best support me that day….it’s a beautiful way to start the day with an intuitive *checking-in* with myself!

Trusting your intuition

The other day, I was sorting through the vast photographic and phone-video collection I’ve amassed over the last 22 months of *Magoo* (my nephew ). I’m certainly no photographer and not even a particularly accomplished amateur, but I do love how the right photo can bring back a tsunami of memories of a precious moment, event or day. Pouring over my collection, I sat for hours marvelling at how much joy and happiness this little soul brings to my life day after day and how much amazing time I get to spend with him, my sister and brother in law, when I had a flash of what my (our) life would be like if we hadn’t emigrated to Melbourne to be part of his life. I saw a flash of a life not filled with *auntie annaaaaaaa…* (said in the cutest, sweetest voice as if he relishes every *a* in my name), a life poorer for not re-discovering everything for the first time again through the eyes of a small child, a life bereft of playground fun, lego …