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Selflessness vs Selfishness

Last week I found myself breathing a HUGE sigh of relief as my meditation teacher took us through a beautiful healing meditation for others and more importantly OURSELVES. As I felt the warm waves of brilliant white light energy fill up my heart and spread throughout my body, it really hit home just how much I needed it and I also realised just how difficult I find it to receive! Over the past year or so I’ve found myself increasingly drawn to the healing modalities, I’ve also noticed that those with an inclination towards healing work (like myself) have a tendency to allow the care of others to overtake the care of themselves. They are often referred to as *selfless* which is defined as being: “concerned more with the needs and wishes of others than with one’s own; unselfish” In our society being *selfless* tends to be placed up there on the high altar of *the right way to be* whilst being *selfish* is deemed the darth vadar (evil) to selflessness’ skywalker (good). Reality, however, is rarely so black and …

Heart to heart

I’ve always felt that authentic communication must come from the heart; one must communicate to others from one’s heart space and hopefully that message is received in their heart space. I suppose the term *heart space* might sound some what wishy washy, but all it really means is that one’s communication must come with love, one must be one’s true self (free of all the crappy stuff we pad around ourselves in order to be liked or please others), be vulnerable without barriers and share one’s truth. It sounds SO simple yet many of us find this so very hard to do because of the vulnerability it entails. The word *vulnerable* comes from the late latin *vulnerablis* meaning *injurious, wounding*. Naturally many of us will do anything (suppress emotions, ignore issues) to avoid feeling this way, stripped bare of all our protective barriers, our projected self image (stoical, totally chillaxed, too cool for school, unshakeable…sound familiar?) to stand there as our true selves (scared, fearful of rejection and judgement).

Let it go!

Sadly, this isn’t going to be a post about that earworm of a song *let it go* from Frozen (still can’t make up my mind whether I love it or not). Nope, instead I’ve been pondering and mulling over the potential pressure one can feel from social media (in particular) to feel happy, accomplished, productive. I’m absolutely NOT knocking happiness or anyone trying to focus on being happy (which I totally celebrate and I love that 100 days of happy project) but what I have noticed is a tendency, particularly on social media sites such as FB, Instragram etc, for people to present their *best face/best life* so to speak. Of course, this is totally understandable and natural human behaviour not to want to expose one’s vulnerabilities to the world and equally the choice not to is also totally valid and fine. I do wonder, however, how many of us forget that this is in fact what most people are doing when posting to social media sites and that, these moments are but mere snapshots of …

Reiki Love

I wanted to share this wonderful blog post *10 reasons why you should learn reiki* by my awesome Reiki Master, Sara Brooke, over on her website I’ve shared some of my own experiences of reiki training before in a previous blog post. Since that post I have completed my Reiki 2 practitioner level training and can honestly say it’s one of the best things I have ever done for myself! Anyone can learn reiki because the only pre-requisite is to be a human being (^_^) Contrary to popular belief, it’s not just for folk who want to become practitioners but for anyone who wants to reconnect with their true selves! Anna x

The Calm in the Storm

Sometimes, life in the 21st Century can be mightily chaotic, sweeping one up in a whirlwind of things that need to be done, places to go, people to see (I call this the *to do tornado*) and it’s not terribly feasible (for many) to avoid this raging storm because, unfortunately, it’s just everyday life in our current society. From time to time I’m sure many weigh up the prospect of *escape* as a tempting idea, but personally, I don’t think it’s the answer as one doesn’t want to live life on the run….so what can one do? My personal belief is that in every chaotic moment there is a place of calm “the eye of the storm”, so to speak, where all is quiet and peaceful despite the perceived storm raging around. One’s logic mind says *there’s no way you’re going to find calm in all this mess* and seemingly provides ample evidence of one’s emotions being so firmly triggered by the storm that the impossibility of it seems concrete, but in reality it’s really quite simple….breathing!