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Creating a personal altar space

*Honour thyself* is probably the practice that the majority of us struggle with or have struggled with the most (certainly both of us!), because we often perceive putting ourselves first as being synonymous with a sort of selfishness and loving/ worshiping ourselves has even cringier connotations of egocentricity and/or arrogance. I’m sure we’ve all heard someone say something like, “Oh, I don’t like so and so because they loves themselves” about a celebrity or someone they know. Of course honouring yourself and having an over-inflated sense of self-importance are two entirely different things, but, for many of us, by societal conditioning, the meaning we attach to one has seeped into the other. The irony is, that if we aren’t putting ourselves first at least some part of our day (each and every day), then, albeit little by little, feelings of anger and resentment start to arise, at which point we either turn those feelings inwards (often leading to physical illness or disease) or they mount up and explode outwards (making for disharmony with others). Either way we find ourselves in a less than …

Riding the wave

Sometimes parenting can feel like trying to ride a wild bull….just hanging on for dear life! Recently, in particular, I’ve been feeling that life has been throwing me a few curve balls and at times I’ve felt like my head has only just been above the water. When I stop to think about it, the reason why I’ve felt like I’ve been drowning is because I’ve been fighting it rather than just allowing myself to ride the wave. What I mean by *riding the wave* is allowing myself to go along with the direction of the flow, because eventually it will take me back to shore. It reminds me of something one of my favourite uni lecturers said (paraphrasing somewhat): When we look at the ocean, we all accept that at times it will be turbulent with large waves and at other times calm and still, but always deep and mysterious and yet, we often put pressure on ourselves (as complex as we human beings are) to be calm and still all the time and lament when we fall …

Learning to embrace my Yin

I’ve spent much of my life hunkering down in my Yang (masculine) energy because it felt safer than being in my Yin (feminine), which felt too vulnerable and scary. In fact, I suspect this fear of Yin has followed me through from past lives and my mother even thought I might be a boy when I was as yet unborn (but that is another story). Over the years my Yang-ness has received a fair bit of external validation, particularly as our society tends to applaud, favour (if not worship) Yang qualities: activity, speed, efficiency, youth, physical strength, power. Might it be that society itself is out of balance?