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Farewell to my beautiful grey boy – Monty

Approximately a year ago, a beautiful soul came into our lives to share our home and hearts….Monty, the handsome tabby point Siamese gent. I don’t really have the words to explain just what this beautiful creature added to our lives, but I suspect anyone who shares or has shared their lives with a furry companion will understand the untold richness of a life shared with a loyal animal friend. Advertisements

Montezuma Magic

That’s my nickname for our beautiful adopted Tabby point Siamese boy “Monty”, who is THE most loving and cuddly lad ever. It’s strange how, as you get to know an animal, you notice their little foibles just as you would a human friend. Monty has this quirky little purr which I like to think sounds like a little hamster hurriedly pulling at a pulley system which requires a bit of oiling lol It’s just the best sound ever. I’ve tried to capture on video to share because it’s just so sweet but haven’t been very successful (too much background noise and me doing worrying deep breathing lol). Here’s the video anyway.

Newest member of our family

Last week was a complete whirlwind! Deep breath before I continue lol A few weeks ago I had filled out an application form to rehome a tiger-point Siamese male called Monty and was given the owners direct contact details. I’d held back contacting her as I was concerned that Monty (9 years old) is older than my two girls (Maru & Luna) who are both 6 and therefore the integration process would be really hard. Then, last Friday I had the overwhelming feeling that I must ring the owner asap, so I did and got an appointment to visit and meet Monty the next day (Saturday). In the world’s fastest ever adoption we ended up bringing Monty home that day! Good thing I rang when I did too because there was someone else interested in adopting him and we would have missed out on the privilege of welcoming this beautiful boy into our family.

Furry friends

>These days, I am happy to say that we are a household of 3 non-furries and 3 furries (2 cats and a dog). I never had pets growing up so when we first welcomed our 2 siamese cats (Maru & Luna) into our home as kittens it was such an exciting time (^_^). I was still working as a legal type in the City of London back then. Life in any large, congested, polluted city can be stressful but especially so if you work long hours at a souless job. It was the knowledge that these 2 little bundles of fur were waiting for me at home which somehow used to get me through the day. They were and still are my antidote to all that is stressful about living in a big city. I remember sitting in my office and wanting to ditch everything to rush home just to get a glimpse of their little furry faces and snatch a quick cuddle. Just being around them, and animals in general, has always helped me …

Maru and Luna

>Now I know most people collect pictures and portraits of their kids…but I don’t have any (yet) and I’m not about to rectify that any time soon (sorry mum) :P….but I do have 2 adorable furkids “Maru” and “Luna” (siamese seal point girlies) so I decided to start commissioning artworks of my furry babies from my very talented friends on Etsy. Here are the first 2 commissions in what I hope will be a much bigger collection 😀 Commission 1 – Askey To kick my “Maru & Luna collection” off, I commissioned a piece (which I have blogged briefly already) from fantastic illustrator and graphic designer Askey. I have always found Askey’s style so very striking and her use of line and colour is exquisite…..just take a wander through her Store and you’ll see what I mean. She was able to capture Maru and Luna to a tea in a totally unfussy, clean, fresh way and her inimitable style just shines out from this piece. She even managed to work my favourite colour (teal) AND …