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Understanding is Power

Sometimes, the world revealed to us through the filter of main stream media can appear to be filled with nothing but tragedy, pain and heartache. Under persistent bombardment of these vibrations it can be easy to ask yourself “what’s the point?….what’s the point of even trying to change things when all the odds seem so hugely stacked against us?“. If you’ve felt or are feeling this way then you’re not alone and moments of despair and hopelessness are very much a part of the human condition, BUT if you find yourself feeling this way, it’s worth considering this: what is reported on main stream media is not a true reflection of all that is happening in our world.  Knowledge is power and understanding how dramatic (particularly negative) events wield the power to ensnare our brains is something that we personally feel we should all be aware of. There’s a reason that tragedy and negative news sells papers, because to a large extent evolution has wired our brains to pay more attention to dramatic, often negative news than the alternative …

Creating a personal altar space

*Honour thyself* is probably the practice that the majority of us struggle with or have struggled with the most (certainly both of us!), because we often perceive putting ourselves first as being synonymous with a sort of selfishness and loving/ worshiping ourselves has even cringier connotations of egocentricity and/or arrogance. I’m sure we’ve all heard someone say something like, “Oh, I don’t like so and so because they loves themselves” about a celebrity or someone they know. Of course honouring yourself and having an over-inflated sense of self-importance are two entirely different things, but, for many of us, by societal conditioning, the meaning we attach to one has seeped into the other. The irony is, that if we aren’t putting ourselves first at least some part of our day (each and every day), then, albeit little by little, feelings of anger and resentment start to arise, at which point we either turn those feelings inwards (often leading to physical illness or disease) or they mount up and explode outwards (making for disharmony with others). Either way we find ourselves in a less than …

Do you have to get sick before you Slow Down?

Gosh what a crazy few weeks we’ve had with myself managing to accidentally stab my wrist on the broken edge of a ceramic oil bottle (needing stitches) and all of us down with gastro and flu, it’s been challenging! When I accidentally stabbed my wrist, I felt straight away that it was because I hadn’t been listening to my body. I was not present and absent-mindedly wiping down the tiles of the kitchen splash-back when I brought my wrist down on the sharp edge of the bottle. My mind was elsewhere, worrying, anxious and dreading an appointment I had the next day. I was concerning myself with the logistics of how I’d get there on time and how I didn’t really want to go. If I’m honest I should have cancelled that appointment and rearranged it in a way that felt right for me.

Intuitive Flower Essences

Today, I had the very great pleasure of taking part in a beautiful Intuitive Flower Essence work shop run by the gorgeous Melinda of MK Wellbeing (along with some other beautiful souls…you know who you are!) where we got to make our own special flower essences! I’m such a HUGE fan of the gentle supportive energy of flower essences and start each day by standing in front of a selection of Melinda’s flower essence mists, which I keep in my reiki room, and intuitively selecting the one which will best support me that day….it’s a beautiful way to start the day with an intuitive *checking-in* with myself!

Sweet Robin

I found myself crying the other day as I watched a heartfelt tribute by Billy Crystal to the late Robin Williams. So, why was I sat there crying over the loss of someone I didn’t personally know and whose films and comedy shows I’d only really ever watched if they happened to be on the TV (it’s not like I was an out and out fan or anything)? I’ve spent the last few days pondering this and I think I have an answer of sorts….. Perhaps, as human beings, we instinctively want to belong (not only for evolutionary safety purposes) because somewhere deep down inside our souls we all feel this longing to be connected. Indeed, it is MY belief that we ARE all connected on an energetic level (reiki has demonstrated that to me in abundance) but this doesn’t mean that one necessarily *feels* connected. Understanding that we are all part of this *oneness* (for want of a better word) is vastly different from feeling like we actually ARE part of it. In fact, I know many people who do or …