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Embracing our Star Origins

A little while ago we both had Divine Blueprint Soul Profile’s done by the amazing Susan Walling: kinesiologist, healer, transformation specialist, and all round sparkly, joy-filled, beautiful, light-worker soul. For both of us it has been one of the most freeing and empowering experiences of our lives so we wanted to share this with others. Personally, for the first time ever I (Anna) feel like the fog around wondering: where I’m really from, why I feel a bit alien and what I’m here to do, has lifted completely. I now have the answers to all those questions because I know exactly where my soul energy originated (Pleiadian), explaining many quirks and traits that I considered faults I needed to work on (impatience, *just do it* attitude (jump first think later), good at the big picture but not so good at the details etc). This knowledge has not only helped each of us fully embrace our true nature but has helped us both understand, accept and embrace one another more fully too. The things that used to irritate us about one another no longer do, …

Going with the Flow

When our latest pathfinder wolf revealed her medicine/message to us it was all about flowing with life, which got us thinking about what that means. “Go with the Flow” is such a frequently used phrase but what does it truly mean? Does it mean to just sit back and let life happen to you, like a passive passenger on a ride? Or perhaps it’s trusting that the flow of life will take us towards our highest good, even if the journey doesn’t obviously equate in our logic minds to that outcome and therefore to let go of any resistance to the direction and the manner in which we are being directed to move?   “My name is “Ryuu” ~ 流 – Flow I am the wolf of Flow, my presence with you is a symbolic reminder that you have the innate power to co-create with the flow of life. No matter what situation you encounter, you have the choice to flow with the energy of what is occurring, so that you may ride the wave of life rather than …

Shop Launch!

We’re really excited to let you know that our online shop is now OPEN!  Each pathfinder wolf is totally unique and comes with a specific intention that you can work with and is also infused with tons of love and reiki. As light workers, we really wanted to create sacred tools to support others and we feel so very honoured that these powerful talisman wolves have chosen to come to you through us! Please take your time to get to know each wolf and tune into their energy. We’re celebrating with 15% off for the next 48 hours. Type LIYC15 at checkout. Big love and light to you all Anna & LJ xx